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11+ Business Intelligence (BI) Jobs in Kochi (Cochin) | Business Intelligence (BI) Job openings in Kochi (Cochin)

Apply to 11+ Business Intelligence (BI) Jobs in Kochi (Cochin) on Explore the latest Business Intelligence (BI) Job opportunities across top companies like Google, Amazon & Adobe.

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India GTM partner To global brands

India GTM partner To global brands

Agency job
via Unnati by Sarika Tamhane
Mumbai, Kochi (Cochin)
2 - 3 yrs
₹6L - ₹6.6L / yr
Business Intelligence (BI)
Portfolio management

In today’s marketing-dependent consumer world, businesses demand innovative brand solutions and our client is engaged in providing brand solutions across businesses. They import renowned global brands & distribute the same. They have a dedicated eCommerce practice to build digital retail footprints for their brands in India. They focus on major categories under FMCG such as F&B, Personal care, etc. and also Home & Fabric Care.


Founded in 2003, our client has over 250 Pan-India Distributors and more than 300 SKUs. They deal with 25+ brands and some of the brands are Mogu Mogu, SAN REMO, Simpkins, Moccona, OMINO BIANCO, etc.


As a Assistant Manager - Business Intelligence, you will be responsible for support building and executing portfolio and respective brand execution strategy by mining, understanding, internalising, and creating action stands about inflow and outflow of information from different internal and external sources.

What you will do:

  • Assimilating sales & inventory data streams from different ecommerce partners daily
  • Planning different inventory streams for all portfolio brands vis--vis PO requirements
  • Building future projection models for brands to support healthy and sufficient inventory capacities


Desired Candidate Profile

What you need to have:

  • Self direction
  • Ability to think beyond operational hurdles
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Opportunity is with one of the top conglomerate (Airline)

Opportunity is with one of the top conglomerate (Airline)

Agency job
via Sevennhalf by Harshi Agarwal
Gurugram, Kochi (Cochin), Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad
10 - 20 yrs
₹40L - ₹70L / yr
Data center
Technical Architecture
Information architecture
Network architecture
Note - Looking from Airlines/Aviation Domain only.

Responsible for the implementation and operations of all technology infrastructures which includes data center, network and server services, telephony, service monitoring, user support/help desk, workstation management, servers, storage, and related software and hardware

Strategic Activities

·         Develop the overarching network architecture to enable smooth functioning of all Client's systems across the nation

·         Design the overall infrastructure strategy for Client, optimizing costs and value delivered

·         Provide periodic reports to the CDTO and senior leadership on network and infrastructure costs, implementation, adoption, etc.

·         Design and create policies pertaining to IT Asset Management, audits, service and maintenance of networks, software and hardware

·         Act as the custodian for all network and infrastructure related policies for the organization

·         Support team in negotiating competitive pricing for software licensing/purchase, hardware leasing/purchase, etc.; ensure IT assets purchases are within the budget


Infra & Network Architecture

·         Define, develop, and implement infrastructure optimization and evolution strategy

·         Identify and develop a strategy to mitigate risk and increase productivity

·         Develop the organization’s end-user technology vision and translate it into actionable goals

·         In partnership with IT leadership and cross-functional stakeholders, develop and implement strategic roadmaps for Client's digital architecture

·         Maintain a high level of strategic foresight by identifying customer and business needs, and adjusting departmental and team objectives accordingly

·         Identify future challenges in the end-user technology landscape and develop mitigation strategies

Network Management

·         Overlook the management of the infrastructure, connectivity across our airport's network, all airport technology, and several mission-critical business support applications for hassle-free computing

·         Determine appropriate Network services and solutions for all business divisions

·         Head and manage the infrastructure network and security operation teams while maintaining the infrastructure and optimizing architecture security

Cloud Services Management

·         Head and manage the infrastructure (System, Cloud) teams and security operation teams while maintaining the infrastructure and optimizing architecture security

·         Lead transitioning of the enterprise to a collection of shared infrastructure solutions (Azure, GCP and on-premises) including productivity suite, groupware, telephony, network, security-related solutions, and virtual server infrastructure

Vendor Sourcing & Management

·         Manage relationships with various technology vendors and contract agreements to ensure technically and economically efficient products and services are provided

Application Management

·         Ensure new infrastructure transitions are compliant with current applications, commercials involved in their upkeep, and overlook the future need of applications and their upgrades

Team Management

·         Lead the technical team and head collaboration between Business Users and software providers to build infrastructure and network solutions

·         Support, nurture, and develop the team members’ skills in all infrastructure and network architecture innovation aspects


  1. Skills Required for the role

Strong Leadership capabilities

Excellent Analytical and Delivery skills

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Solid understanding of key architecture concerns meeting cross-functional needs

Stakeholder management skills

Strong Problem-Solving approach

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Algorithma Digitech Pvt Ltd
Kochi (Cochin)
1 - 2 yrs
₹3L - ₹7L / yr
skill iconPython


We are seeking a skilled experienced Python Developer with expertise in FastAPI to join our dynamic and innovative development team. As a Python Developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining high-quality Python applications and APIs using the FastAPI framework. Your primary focus will be on building efficient, scalable, and reliable backend systems that power our web and mobile applications.


1. Designing and developing robust Python applications using the FastAPI framework.

2. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including front-end developers, product managers, and designers, to understand project requirements and translate them into technical specifications.

3. Optimizing application performance and scalability by implementing efficient coding practices and utilizing appropriate caching mechanisms.

4. Writing clean, maintainable, and testable code following software development best practices.

5. Conducting thorough testing and debugging of applications to ensure high-quality deliverables.

6. Integrating external services and third-party APIs into the application ecosystem.

7. Collaborating with team members to continuously improve development processes and tools.

8. Keeping up to date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices related to Python development and FastAPI.


1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field (or equivalent practical experience).

2. Proven experience of 2 years as a Python Developer, with a strong understanding of Python programming language fundamentals.

3. Solid knowledge of the FastAPI framework and its features, including routing, dependency injection, validation, and asynchronous programming. Experience of 1 or more years using FastAPI framework.

4. Experience building RESTful APIs using frameworks like FastAPI, Flask, or Django.

5. Familiarity with database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.

6. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills with the ability to troubleshoot and debug complex applications.

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Agency job
Chennai, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Kochi (Cochin), Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Noida, Gurugram, Mumbai
5 - 13 yrs
₹8L - ₹20L / yr
Snow flake schema
skill iconPython

We are looking out for a Snowflake developer for one of our premium clients for their PAN India loaction
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Excelledia Digital Innovation
Kochi (Cochin)
8 - 12 yrs
₹12L - ₹20L / yr
AWS CloudFormation
Windows Azure

Role & Responsibilities

  • Application Architecture: Design and implement application environment
  • Manage the configuration and operation of client-based (on-premise) computer operating systems
  • Monitor the system daily and respond immediately to security or usability concerns
  • Create and monitor the disaster recovery (DR) of all servers.
  • Respond and assign a team to resolve help desk requests
  • Monitor and maintain server functionality and security issue.
  • Administrate infrastructure, including firewalls, databases, malware protection software and other processes
  • Automation configuration management using either Ansible, Puppet, Chef or an equivalent
  • Manage and administer servers, networks, and applications such as DNS, FTP, and Web servers.
  • Troubleshoot in-house network issues and fix them.
  • Provide solutions to complex problems on the integration of various technologies
  • Design plans as well as lead initiatives for the optimization and restructuring of network architecture
  • Monitor the environmental conditions of a data center and cloud servers to ensure they are optimum for servers, routers, and other devices
  • Collaborate with IT handlers, sales, and data center managers to develop an action plan for improved operations
  • Conduct inspections on power and cooling systems to ensure they are operational and efficient
  • Resolve operational, infrastructure or hardware incidents in a data center and cloud servers.
  • Monitor and maintain company assets
  • Infra-team management and skills enhancement (training) plans and execution




  • In-depth knowledge of the Linux Operating System
  • Expertise in Shell and/or Python scripting
  • In-depth knowledge of any of the CI/CD tools like Jenkins/GitLab etc.
  • Basic knowledge of monitoring tools like Zabbix/ Nagios etc.
  • Expertise in any one of the cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and other cloud solution providers
  • Strong experience with SQL and MySQL
  • A working understanding of code and script (PHP, Python, Angular and NodeJS)
  • Ability to use a wide variety of open-source technologies
  • Knowledge of best practices and IT operations
  • Basic experience with VMware
  • Advanced knowledge of system vulnerabilities and security issues
Knowledge on source code management tools like git or SVN etc.
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Opportunity with Largest Conglomerate

Opportunity with Largest Conglomerate

Agency job
via Seven N Half by Shreeja Shetty
Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Kochi (Cochin)
15 - 20 yrs
₹30L - ₹60L / yr
Enterprise architecture
Data architecture
Data engineering
Technical Architecture

Digital and Technology Architecture

  • Head the digital transformation and innovation projects from idea generation to new ventures in close collaboration with business stakeholders and external partners
  • Present the vision & value of proposed architectures and solutions to a wide range of audiences in alignment with business priorities and objectives
  • Plans tasks and estimates for the required research and volume of activities to complete work
  • Own and assess non-functional requirements and propose solutions for Availability, Backup, Capacity, Performance, Redundancy, Reliability, Scalability, Supportability, Risks and Costs models
  • Provide strategic guidance to teams on managing third-party service providers in terms of service levels, costing, etc.
  • Drive the team to ensure appropriate documentation is developed in support of value realization
  • Lead the technical team and head collaboration between Business Users and software providers to build digital solutions

Enterprise Architecture

  • Ownership of overall Enterprise Architecture including compliances and standards
  • Head the overall Architecture blueprint and roadmap for  applications aligning with Enterprise Architecture
  • Identify important potential technologies and approaches to address current and future Enterprise needs, evaluating their applicability and fit, as well as leading the definition of standards and best practice for their use

Data Architecture

  • Ownership of overall Data Architecture including compliances and standards
  • Head the overall Architecture blueprint and roadmap applications aligning with Data Architecture
  • Identify important potential technologies and approaches to address current and future Data needs, evaluating their applicability and fit, as well as leading the definition of standards and best practice for their use
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EyeT Innovations Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Kochi (Cochin)
1 - 2 yrs
₹2L - ₹3L / yr
Communication Skills
Lead Generation
Effective communication

Job Description - Online Bidder

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. ·Manage company’s various online bidding profiles
  2. ·Identifying quality lead and bringing up the projects for the company
  3. ·Bidding on various portals like PPH/ GURU/ UPWORK / Freelancer and other relevant online platforms
  4. · Handle the initial discussions and collect the strategic information about the prospects
  5. ·Understand complex project requirements and prepare proposal /bid to generate leads
  6. ·Continue prospect engagement and account management throughout the sales cycle until closure.
  7. ·Independently collaborate with the technical team for presentation with prospects.
  8. · Scout for new bidding platforms and websites to catch out the opportunities.
  9. Skill & Experience Required
  10. ·       Excellent verbal and written communication skills, capable of converting the prospect with good linguistic ability.
  11. ·       Must have 1-3 years of experience in Web Development & Mobile Apps project acquisition and closure through the online bidding platforms.
  12. ·       Experience with lead generation and prospect management via various online bidding platforms.
  13. ·       Must have sound technical knowledge of advanced Web and Mobile technologies trending today.
  14. ·       Lead generation through LinkedIn, database, and other social networks would be an added value.
  15. ·       Ability to handle the sales independently or as part of a team.
  16. Education: Degree/ any diploma

Experience: 1- 3 years

Salary: negotiable



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Farmers Fresh Zone
Haani Hashim S V P
Posted by Haani Hashim S V P
Remote, Kochi (Cochin)
1 - 4 yrs
₹5L - ₹9L / yr
Customer Retention
Customer Acquisition
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
+1 more

Farmers Fresh Zone aims at unlocking access to safe-to-eat, pesticide-free fruits & vegetables directly sourced from our farmers. We are an omnichannel platform having both an offline and online presence. Backed by the Indian Angel Network, We are one of the first Indian agri-tech firms to introduce unit-level traceability for all our products which means consumers can track the origin of a product including details of the farms and farmers.


We are all in the quest to create a positive movement, a movement aimed at reducing the gap between a consumer & a farmer, a movement that gives consumers access to safe & non-toxic farmers' produce, a movement that is uplifting the farmer community. Today we are proud to say that we are connecting 1500+ farmers to urban consumers. We envisage our brand to go global soon, post creating a cemented presence in India.


We are not looking for job-seekers, we are looking for impact-creators with a go-getter attitude. We are looking for dynamic individuals who are honestly driven by the cause and are customer-obsessed, be it our end-user, farmer, vendor, or even our internal community.

As a Customer Retention & Market Automation Specialist, you will play a key role in driving & growing our mobile app & website’s engagement and retention metrics. You will run various messaging experiments on multiple channels like notifications, SMS, Email, Whatsapp.

Our ideal candidate will have strong analytical and problem solving skills, led or managed teams, and have understanding of engagement tools like Moengage, Clevertap or Webengage. We love people who are humble and collaborative with hunger for excellence.


  • Create omni-channel (push notifications, Whatsapp, In-app prompts, SMS, Email etc) marketing campaigns & journeys based on different user segments to drive user acquisition, activation, engagement & retention.

  • Define AARRR KPIs and Optimize them with Moengage multi-channel journeys by continuously performing A/B tests. Drive increased engagement & retention.

  • Be responsible for and own execution, monitoring and measurement of marketing campaigns and their success. Collaborate with designers & Content creators to get graphic/text content.

  • Compile regular reports of campaign performance and results, collaborate with analyst to monitor and review past campaigns and journeys.

  • Improve new campaigns using data and feedback from existing and previous projects.

  • Create detailed and diverse user-segments to identify high, medium & low activity cohorts. 

  • Create communication & content strategies to increase the size of high-activity cohorts.

  • Analyze website & mobile traffic, create user journeys & campaigns to enable cross-channel product experience and marketing.

Qualification & Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or any other related field.

  • 1+ years of experience in creating mobile/web application journeys & campaigns on tools like moengage, clevertap etc.

  • In-depth knowledge & hands on experience of digital analytics software like Zoho Page Sense, Google Analytics, CleverTap, Branch, Firebase, Facebook Analytics.

  • Excellent copy writing skills to produce high quality copies for marketing campaigns and journeys.

Soft Skills:

  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple milestones and projects efficiently.

  • Team spirit, good time-management skills, strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders.

Detail oriented, advanced problem solving skills with customer-centric approach

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at Dazeworks

4 recruiters
Jyoti Gupta
Posted by Jyoti Gupta
Pune, Kochi (Cochin), Bengaluru (Bangalore), Noida, Delhi
3 - 6 yrs
₹5L - ₹10L / yr
Salesforce Lightning
Salesforce Apex
Company Profile:- www." target="_blank">
Your job responsibilities include

·         Planning and coordinating with internal and external stakeholders to ensure project execution as per technical and functional specifications.
·         Reviewing technical requirements and adapting those into a" target="_blank"> application.
·         Communicating with end-users to fully understand client expectations.
·         Participating in and leading code-review sessions to identify potential project bottlenecks and suggest solutions.
·         Requirement analysis, database design, coding, testing, implementation, and maintenance of Salesforce and associated software applications.
·         Managing technical delivery of integrations and custom extensions.
·         Providing hands-on support in software/application architecture, development, design, independent analysis, and problem resolution.
·         Overseeing development, design, UI, and technology integration efforts for the effective completion of a project.
·" target="_blank"> setup, configuration, customization, data migration, and deployment of applications to" target="_blank"> platform
· Guiding clients over technology, processes, and applications while updating them on regular project-related developments.
Who you are
·         3+ years of experience in" target="_blank"> applications design, development, integration, AppExchange launch and support and minimum 6 months to 1 year of hands-on experience in Salesforce Lightning development.
·         Fluent in Salesforce Lightning. Extensive experience developing Lightning Components – both within the Salesforce Lightning Design System and by writing custom Lightning Components in Java Script within the Aura framework.
·         Solid experience in Lightning component development and Salesforce customization.
·         Convert business requirements into well-architected solutions that best leverage the" target="_blank"> platform. Develop the technical Design, custom solution, and system design based on lightning platform
·         Minimum of 6 months Lightning Component development experience.
·         Minimum of 6 months experience with Salesforce platform programming languages – Apex, Visualforce, Lightning Component framework.
·         Minimum of 6 months experience with Lightning Design System framework.
·         JavaScript, Remote Objects or JavaScript Remoting/events, JQuery, CSS
·         Salesforce Static Resources Setup and usage of lightning apps and embedding in VF pages.
·         Implementing REST integration (" target="_blank"> web services API, REST API, JSON, Apex, HTML)
·         Being a Certified" target="_blank"> Developer is a must, an Advanced Developer is highly desirable
·         Strong knowledge of Agile methodology
·         Proficiency in Apex, Visualforce, Web Services, SOQL, AJAX, XML, Javascript, HTML
·         Experience in SFDC customization, integration, and administration
·         The ability to lead workshops and provide direction to your team members
·         Excellent communication and presentation skills
Skills:- Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, Integration, Salesforce Apex, and Visualforce.
Awaiting your response with an updated CV.
Thank You!
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at Dazeworks

4 recruiters
Anjali   Verma
Posted by Anjali Verma
Remote, Pune, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai, Kochi (Cochin)
7 - 10 yrs
₹1L - ₹30L / yr

Minimum 7 years of experience in Salesforce Sales & CPQ Cloud or any other CPQ Product



  • Experience with full cycle project implementations in Salesforce CPQ required.
  • Strong Salesforce CPQ functional & technical knowledge
  • Strong experience in configuring & customizing Salesforce CPQ application
  • Experience in customized CPQ integration with CRM/ERP applications
  • In depth knowledge in product configuration & rules, commerce process, document engine and pricing functionality in CPQ
  • Strong experience in Agile way of working
  • DevOps practitioner with Bitbucket, Git and CI/CD experience
  • Good understanding and exposure to Salesforce DX
  • Proven knowledge of business process and its KPIs, including best practices to support the relevant business processes
  • Good Communication, Analytical & problem-solving skill
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Agency job
via Centelon by Lash Lancer
Kochi (Cochin), Pune, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai, Mumbai
1 - 10 yrs
₹3L - ₹25L / yr
Salesforce Apex
Salesforce Lightning
Salesforce Visualforce
Salesforce developer opening at centelon for 1 to 10 years experience.
Need salesforce experience.
Apply for more details
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