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⚡️ Lightning
by Cutshort
Conventional recruitment agencies
Ready talent pool
2M+ total
~100 new candidates / hr
Matching type
Work context, assessment scores, candidate preferences
Keyword based
Joining ratio optimization
Employer Branding, Feedback Assistant, Joining Forecaster
Grey area
Start interview in
3 days
Success fees
Starts 6.99% of CTC*
8.33% - 20% of CTC
* plus a nominal monthly retainer for unlimited jobs
Frequently asked questions

You can post any number of jobs. All of them will be premium and have visibility as defined in each paid plan.

This means you can get applications on many jobs. However, how many candidates you can unlock out of them is what depends on the plan you have. For instance, on Micro, you can unlock 50 candidates/month while on Steady you can unlock 200 candidates/month.

As explained above, applications and resume views are not counted.

Instead our plans are based on “profile unlocks” after which you can see the contact details and download resumes of the candidates you like. E.g Scale up allows 400 unlocks per user, Steady allows 200 unlocks and so on.

All monthly subscriptions are recurring when you purchase from the platform. However, you can cancel them at anytime from the “Subscription setting” page.

You can manage your subscriptions and cancel anytime from Subscription Settings page.

Instead of offering individual job slots, we offer powerful subscription plans that make all your jobs premium and are more convenient to use.

Unlike jobs postings, subscription plans offer you access to the Cutshort’s premium database and also many useful features such as Outreach Assistant.

If you are hiring in tech/product, no matter the size of your company, we have got you covered. :)

If you are a product startup with less than $250k in funding or revenues, you can apply for startup credits here. Please use the same form if you are a smaller NGO.

Our Micro and Steady subscriptions are designed for companies with infrequent or lesser hiring needs. These plans get you full access to our job listings, talent database and active invitations to relevant candidates

Further, these plans have no long term commitments.You can cancel the subscription any time.

To let your colleagues see the candidates applying for your jobs and interact with them directly, you can invite them to your account. Most of our subscriptions also support 2 base logins, which allow for more flexibility when you hire on Cutshort.

You can even manage what jobs they see by creating different teams.

Note that sharing login credentials with your team members will automatically log you out and is not supported on the platform.

Cutshort is designed for companies hiring skilled tech talent. From larger tech powerhouses like ThoughtWorks to funded startups to thousands of smaller IT services and younger product startups, Cutshort is widely used. You can check some of their reviews on G2.

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Muralidharan Venkatasubramanian's profile image

Muralidharan Venkatasubramanian

Hiring at Wingman
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We've been using Cutshort for over a year now and it has been the single largest source of our tech talent by some margin! In addition, the software tooling they've built allows for a tremendous amount of automation and filtering. The built in tooling for screening automation is fantastic. As a founder initially doing the talent sourcing myself, it was immensely valuable. Now, our talent acquisition team loves it too. They also have very good customer service and fantastic onboarding.

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