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Busigence Technologies

Busigence is a Decision Intelligence Company. We create decision intelligence products for real people by combining data, technology, business, and behavior enabling strengthened decisions. Scaling established startup by IIT alumni innovating & disrupting marketing domain through artificial intelligence. We bring those people onboard who are dedicated to deliver wisdom to humanity by solving the world's most pressing problems differently thereby significantly impacting thousands of souls, everyday. We are a deep rooted organization with six years of success story having worked with folks from top tier background (IIT, NSIT, DCE, BITS, IIITs, NITs, IIMs, ISI etc.) maintaining an awesome culture with a common vision to build great data products. In past we have served fifty five customers and presently developing our second product, Robonate . First was emmoQ - an emotion intelligence platform. Third offering, H2HData , an innovation lab where we solve hard problems through data, science, & design. We work extensively & intensely on big data, data science, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, data analytics, natural language processing, cognitive computing, and business intelligence. We try real hard to hire fun loving crazy folks who are driven by more than a paycheck. You shall be working with creamiest talent on extremely challenging problems at most happening workplace. Our mission is to make the world decision intelligent. We envision to have worked on atleast 1% of worlds data by 2020. Why Explore a Career at BusigenceThis section should have been entitled - Why Explore a Challenge at Busigence. What?Busigence is not for everyone. This is the strongest differentiator. How?Skills are secondary for us. We believe in intentions, not capabilities. Why?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If the above three are not understood and/or interest you, we would encourage you refrain applying to us. You won't be actually able to work with us. 80-85% candidates looks for a job in an open position. 85-98% forsee a career in it. Hardly 2% are able to realise it as a challenge, which may satisfy their soul. We look for these 2%. PERIOD. If you happen to be fortunately falling in this group then world is too small for you. Reason being there are very few organisations which can really meet your expectations. We can! Busigence works on real hard problems. Solving customer's problem is our passion. 1. We do where world is moving. Artificial Intelligence. Real AI.2. We are a real startup culture (this is not bean bags or open office or flexible hours. It is a spirit to create something which doesn't exist).3. We hire creme de la creme. Coincidentally, it happens to be candidates from topmost tier (IIT & equivalent). People enjoy working with like minded people.4. You will be empowered everyday and make you feel an entrepreneurial trait in you.5. This will be Greatest Work of Your Life. Promise!  Busigence Interview ProcessWe don't hire, we handpick - Believe with us. Laugh with us. Work with us. For formality, Step 1 : Apply iff you meet Real Role's & Ideal You'sStep 2 : Round 0: First call followed by Application FormStep 3 : Round 1: Technology/ Process/ Business Capability EvaluationStep 4 : Round 2: Day Spent (1 or 2 days) working with us Enough. We are Done.
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