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Nikunj Verma
Cofounder, CEO
Nikunj leads the overall vision & strategy at Cutshort and enables the team with everything they need to be highly effective. Before Cutshort, Nikunj led top teams at U.S. based venture backed companies and played an instrumental role in the exit of his last startup for INR 110 crore. He has an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur (Bronze medalist). His journey: From building culture to making sales, Nikunj has learned many vital skills while steering Cutshort.
Anubhav Gupta
Cofounder, Product and Design
Anubhav is a design prodigy who also happens to be a self taught fullstack engineer. An Economics graduate from Delhi University, Anubhav is the hands and brains behind all that you see / touch / feel on Cutshort. You can also catch him playing the keys in an ambient-prog-rock band, Celestial Teapot. His journey: Since having worked on 2 startups while in college, Anubhav has developed a knack for designing and building world class products.
Neha Verma
Customer Success Evangelist
With 9 years of hands-on experience at various startups & enterprises such as Future Group, Neha leads Customer Success at Cutshort. She is a gifted multitasker and artfully balances many moving things on the go, including the tantrums of her newborn. Her journey: Neha came in from a non technical + marketing background. Today, not only she has learned product and customer success skills, but can also debug technical issues in a jiffy.
Anupran Trivedi
Customer Success
An ex-CEO at an IoT startup that raised funds and posted INR 1.5Cr in revenue, Anupran is a Product person with a knack in analytics and customer engagement. He loves animals (snakes are his favorite!) and has a pet Beagle named Peanut! His journey: Anupran realized the mistakes his previous startup made in key areas like building products & building culture and has picked strong competencies across a diverse set of areas.
Siddhant Shah
Fullstack engineer
A strong believer of making people's lives easier through technology, Siddhant has been self learning computer science since the age of 16. A coffeeholic by nature, he has been turning those coffees into code while managing his engineering studies. His journey: From a hobby to now a profession, Siddhant loves developing new products and playing with different technologies.
Sweta Agarwal
Account Management & Sales
A Yoga teacher, a number geek and a customer advocate, Sweta breaks many typical stereotypes. She may be the youngest member in the Account Management team, but often comes up with insights and suggestions that experienced folks miss. Her journey: Sweta started as a fresher who is hungry to grow fast. In a short span, she has picked up valuable lessons on how to manage customers at scale with data insights, prioritization and automation.
Neeraj Pal
A young hustler who says is on a voyage to discover his potential, Neeraj is a fresh graduate out in the world looking for his higher calling. A rookie wordsmith, he loves spinning rhymes like a silkworm and lives by the motto- there are no bad puns. His debut music video with Hyperlocal delivery giant Swiggy has 30k+ views on LinkedIn!
Safir Motiwala
Fullstack engineer
Safir has always been amazed by the magic of technology and is on a quest to take it to the next level. He believes that by the power of philosophy and technology together, he can find the absolute truth of life. A technically sound person overwhelmed by the mysteries in life. His heart is engrossed in the thesis of Philosophy and Psychology, and his poetries never lose rhyme.
Parth Lal
Sales evangelist
Parth is a management grad whose forte is communication. Being an extrovert of the highest order, he lives and breathes people. Scaling business at Cutshort; he has one motto: making sure users are happy. Coming from a theatre background, you’ll find drama in everything he does: right from his conversations to his life in general. He’s most likely to be found humming old Hindi songs in the middle of Zoom meetings.
Prakhar Jain
Sales evangelist
Prakhar is a Computer Science Engineering graduate from Manipal University Jaipur, but he found his calling in sales and marketing. He discovers the credibility and potential of the companies signing up on CutShort and is also the first point of contact for them. In his free time you can find him playing squash or with his camera capturing the wild. His life goal is to become a wildlife conservationist.
Hrishikesh Kaikini
Sales evangelist
Hrishikesh is a Sales Evangelist at Cutshort. A hospitality graduate, turned a sales savant. If there is one thing he loves more than food, is closing deals. During his time off work, you can find him either working on his own cookbook, or gaming on his PlayStation.
Shalini Maliwal
Sales evangelist
Shalini is an engineer turned sales evangelist, she was always into finding the right thing that could make her enjoy what she does and here she is. She loves exploring different cultures & places. You can find her welcoming you to Cutshort!
Noel Grewal
Sales evangelist
She is water. Swiftly molding and taking shape of the places and situations she is put into. She is an executioner and a true believer of the human potential. With an ever flowing love for good food, breathtaking views and Iced Tea.
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