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Arista Networks

at Arista Networks

1 video
Ashok Singh
Posted by Ashok Singh
Bengaluru (Bangalore), Pune
3 - 10 yrs
₹25L - ₹55L / yr
Computer Networking
+2 more

About us:

Arista Networks was founded to pioneer and deliver software driven cloud networking solutions for large datacenter storage and computing environments. Arista's award-winning platforms, ranging in Ethernet speeds from 10 to 400 gigabits per second, redefine scalability, agility and resilience. Arista has shipped more than 20 million cloud networking ports worldwide with CloudVision and EOS, an advanced network operating system. Committed to open standards, Arista is a founding member of the 25/50GbE consortium. Arista Networks products are available worldwide directly and through partners.


About the job

Arista Networks is looking for world-class software engineers to join our Extensible Operating System (EOS) software development team.As a core member of the EOS team, you will be part of a fast-paced,high caliber team-building features to run the world's largest data center networks.Your software will be a key component of Arista's EOS, Arista's unique, Linux-based network operating system that runs on all of Arista's data center networking products.


The EOS team is responsible for all aspects of the development and delivery of software meant to run on the various Arista switches.You will work with your fellow engineers and members of the marketing team to gather and understand the functional and technical requirements for upcoming projects.You will help write functional specifications, design specifications, test plans, and the code to bring all of these to life.You will also work with customers to triage and fix problems in their networks. Internally, you will develop automated tests for your software, monitor the execution of those tests, and triage and fix problems found by your tests.At Arista, you will own your projects from definition to deployment, and you will be responsible for the quality of everything you deliver.


This role demands strong and broad software engineering fundamentals, and a good understanding of networking including capabilities like L2, L3, and fundamentals of commercial switching HW.Your role will not be limited to a single aspect of EOS at Arista, but cover all aspects of EOS.



  • Write functional specifications and design specifications for features related to forwarding traffic on the internet and cloud data centers.
  • Independently implement solutions to small-sized problems in our EOS software, using the C, C++, and python programming languages.
  • Write test plan specifications for small-sized features in EOS, and implement automated test programs to execute the cases described in the test plan.
  • Debug problems found by our automated test programs and fix the problems.
  • Work on a team implementing, testing, and debugging solutions to larger routing protocol problems.
  • Work with Customer Support Engineers to analyze problems in customer networks and provide fixes for those problems when needed in the form of new software releases or software patches.
  • Work with the System Test Engineers to analyze problems found in their tests and provide fixes for those problems.
  • Mentor new and junior engineers to bring them up to speed in Arista’s software development environment.
  • Review and contribute to the specifications and implementations written by other team members.
  • Help to create a schedule for the implementation and debugging tasks, update that schedule weekly, and report it to the project lead.



  • BS Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering 3-10 years experience, or MS Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering + 5 years experience, Ph.D. in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering, or equivalent work experience.
  • Knowledge of C, C++, and/or python.
  • Knowledge of UNIX or Linux.
  • Understanding of L2/L3 networking including at least one of the following areas is desirable:
  1. IP routing protocols, such as RIP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, or PIM.
  2. Layer 2 features such as 802.1d bridging, the 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol, the 802.1ax Link Aggregation Control Protocol, the 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol, or RFC 1812 IP routing.
  • Ability to utilize, test, and debug packet forwarding engine and a hardware component’s vendor provided software libraries in your solutions.
  • Infrastructure functions related to distributed systems such as messaging, signalling, databases, and command line interface techniques.
  • Hands on experience in the design and development of ethernet bridging or routing related software or distributed systems software is desirable.
  • Hands on experience with enterprise or service provider class Ethernet switch/router system software development, or significant PhD level research in the area of network routing and packet forwarding.
  • Applied understanding of software engineering principles.
  • Strong problem solving and software troubleshooting skills.
  • Ability to design a solution to a small-sized problem, and implement that solution without outside help.Able to work on a small team solving a medium-sized problem with limited oversight.



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Iksha Labs
Tripti Bose
Posted by Tripti Bose
Gurugram, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kolkata, Mumbai, Indore, Bhopal, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Srinagar
3 - 5 yrs
₹10L - ₹20L / yr
Data Structures
Analysis of algorithms
+2 more

About the company

A strong cross-functional team of designers, software developers, and hardware experts who love creating technology products and services. We are not just an outsourcing partner, but with our deep expertise across several business verticals, we bring our best practices so that your product journey is like a breeze.

We love healthcare, medical devices, finance, and consumer electronics but we love almost everything where we can build technology products and services. In the past, we have created several niche and novel concepts and products for our customers, and we believe we still learn every day to widen our horizons!

Introduction - Advanced Technology Group

As an extension to solving the continuous medical education needs of doctors through the courses platform, Iksha Labs also developed several cutting-edge solutions for simulated training and education, including 

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based surgical simulations
  • Hand and face-tracking-based simulations 
  • Remote immersive and collaborative training through Virtual Reality
  • Machine learning-based auto-detection of clinical conditions from medical images

Introduction - Advanced Technology Group

As an extension to solving the continuous medical education needs of doctors through the courses platform, Iksha Labs developed several cutting-edge solutions for simulated training and education, including 

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based surgical simulations
  • Hand and face-tracking-based simulations 
  • Remote immersive and collaborative training through Virtual Reality
  • Machine learning-based auto-detection of clinical conditions from medical images

Job Description

The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing high-quality applications. They will also be responsible for designing and implementing testable and scalable code. 

Key Skills/Technology

  • Good command of C, and C++ with Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Image Processing 
  • Qt (Expertise)
  • Python (Expertise)
  • Embedded Systems 
  • Good working knowledge of STL/Boost Algorithms and Data structures


  • Develop quality software and web applications
  • Analyze and maintain existing software applications
  • Develop scalable, testable code
  • Discover and fix programming bugs


Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science/Electronics and Communication or a related field.

Industry Type 

Medical / Healthcare 

Functional Area 

IT Software - Application Programming, Maintenance

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Provides IT Services and Consultancy.
3 - 5 yrs
₹20L - ₹22L / yr
Test driven development (TDD)
+5 more


  • Extensive and expert programming experience in at least one general programming language (e. g. Java, C, C++) & tech stack to write maintainable, scalable, unit-tested code.
  • Experience with multi-threading and concurrency programming.
  • Extensive experience in object-oriented design skills, knowledge of design patterns, and a huge passion and ability to design intuitive modules and class-level interfaces.
  • Excellent coding skills - should be able to convert the design into code fluently.
  • Knowledge of Test Driven Development. Good understanding of databases (e. g. MySQL) and NoSQL (e. g. HBase, Elasticsearch, Aerospike etc).
  • Strong desire to solve complex and interesting real-world problems.
  • Experience with full life cycle development in any programming language on a Linux platform. Go-getter attitude that reflects in energy and intent behind assigned tasks.
  • Worked in a startup-like environment with high levels of ownership and commitment.
  • BTech, MTech or Ph. D. in Computer Science or related technical discipline (or equivalent).
  • Experience in building highly scalable business applications, which involve implementing large complex business flows and dealing with huge amounts of data.
  • 3+ years of experience in the art of writing code and solving problems on a large scale.
  • An open communicator who shares thoughts and opinions frequently listens intently and takes constructive feedback

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omni payments
Agency job
via Optimhire by Pranu Amuu
2 - 4 yrs
₹3L - ₹8L / yr

Job Description


Job Description

We are looking for a C,C++ developer responsible for building applications that may range from desktop applications to native mobile applications . Your primary responsibility will be to design and develop these applications, and to coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure.



  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable C++ code
  • Implement performance and quality modules
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization


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VertAxis Futuretech Pvt. Ltd.
Kedar Hushing
Posted by Kedar Hushing
0 - 1 yrs
₹1L - ₹2L / yr
Embedded C

Post: Embedded Developer
• Proficiency and Hands on Experience on Embedded C, various protocols such as I2C, SPI, RS232 etc.
• Testing and debugging of hardware and firmware

• B.E. E&TC , Electronics
• Certification in Embedded System Development/Application
• Minimum 1 years of Experience in same domain
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Birla Soft

at Birla Soft

8 recruiters
Naveen Anumula
Posted by Naveen Anumula
Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai, Coimbatore
3 - 9 yrs
₹5L - ₹15L / yr
+7 more

Hand on experience with TC Customization, Installation, Upgrade, Migration

Teamcenter BMIDE & ITK - Working with BOM & Structure , SOA , AWC customization

Work Flow & Dispatcher configuration through custom utility translation

Good knowledge on Teamcenter customization and AWC customization and configuration

Should have intensive work experience on the following modules. 

oReport generation.

oPLM-XML import / export.

oDocument Management

Good knowledge on required programming languages for ITK(C/C++), SOA-AWC(Angular JS,HTML,CSS) customization.

In addition to that, 



oWorkflow (Designer).


oQuery Builder



Teamcenter to SAP integration

Teamcenter to Polarion integration

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Benison Technologies

at Benison Technologies

3 recruiters
Kiranpreet Kaur
Posted by Kiranpreet Kaur
Bengaluru (Bangalore), Pune
4 - 20 yrs
₹23L - ₹33L / yr
Linux kernel
+2 more

As a partial Google-acquired company, we’re proving success doesn’t come by accident.

Benison has a history of demonstrating growth by innovation. We re-invest our profits back into the initiatives for growth of our people and the company. The culture, technology innovations, customer service, our actions are aligned to our values. Our value and culture is the reason why our people stay with Benison much longer than industry standards

Get the best from your life with Benison

Join the Benison Developer Family*

Benison Technologies is filled with passionate people who lead fascinating lives. You’ll fit right in. From the amazing benefits, mentorship, growth opportunities and team bonding activities, we help you thrive while experiencing the Benison life.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop detailed software functional specification, articulate system/software architecture specifications for product features to meet product requirements

  • Design and implement new functions mainly in C/C++

  • Work on Networking and security modules in L4-L7

  • Peer code reviews

  • Write unit tests using C++


  • Experience 4 - 20 years within SW development

  • Excellent C/C++ and object-oriented programming skills

  • Excellent design analysis skills, including experience with software modeling,

  • high-availability, software reuse, performance, testability, and extensible

  • Excellent Networking programming skills on Linux L4- L7

  • Structured and thorough with analytical and troubleshooting skills

  • Highly motivated team player

  • Agile way of working

Type of work

L4 - L7 Developer

For more information you may visit *" target="_blank">

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Pune, Dharamshala, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Delhi, Tripura
0 - 5 yrs
₹3L - ₹3L / yr
✍️ Code India Fellowship by Navgurukul is an incredible opportunity for those who want to enable the youth of rural India with 21st-century skills while getting the first-hand experience in self-reliance, patience, leadership, creativity and willpower.

Navgurukul is a collective of changemakers who are passionate about creating a large-scale social impact, particularly, improving the quality of our education system while making it accessible to the marginalised communities.

We train students from low-income & marginalised communities in Software Engineering in our residential programme for students for enabling them to get aspirational jobs, have a voice, and be equipped to bring at least 10 families out of poverty in a financially sustainable model. So far we have placed around 150+ students in various companies including but not limited to Mindtree, Thoughtworks, Unacademy, etc.

You can be a part of this movement through the CIF Fellowship.

To know more about CIF visit us at and to apply you can fill the form at
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Chennai, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai
9 - 16 yrs
Best in industry
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Windows Azure
+9 more

About Company:

The company is a global leader in secure payments and trusted transactions. They are at the forefront of the digital revolution that is shaping new ways of paying, living, doing business and building relationships that pass on trust along the entire payments value chain, enabling sustainable economic growth. Their innovative solutions, rooted in a rock-solid technological base, are environmentally friendly, widely accessible and support social transformation.

  • Role Overview
    • Senior Engineer with a strong background and experience in cloud related technologies and architectures. Can design target cloud architectures to transform existing architectures together with the in-house team. Can actively hands-on configure and build cloud architectures and guide others.
  • Key Knowledge
    • 3-5+ years of experience in AWS/GCP or Azure technologies
    • Is likely certified on one or more of the major cloud platforms
    • Strong experience from hands-on work with technologies such as Terraform, K8S, Docker and orchestration of containers.
    • Ability to guide and lead internal agile teams on cloud technology
    • Background from the financial services industry or similar critical operational experience
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Amazon India

at Amazon India

1 video
58 recruiters
Srilalitha K
Posted by Srilalitha K
Hyderabad, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Delhi, Gurugram, Pune, Chennai
3 - 9 yrs
₹2L - ₹15L / yr
+14 more

Software Development Engineer – SDE 2.            


As a Software Development Engineer at Amazon, you have industry-leading technical abilities and demonstrate breadth and depth of knowledge. You build software to deliver business impact, making smart technology choices. You work in a team and drive things forward.


 Top Skills

You write high quality, maintainable, and robust code, often in Java or C++ or C#

You recognize and adopt best practices in software engineering: design, testing, version control, documentation, build, deployment, and operations.

You have experience building scalable software systems that are high-performance, highly-available, highly transactional, low latency and massively distributed.

Roles & Responsibilities

You solve problems at their root, stepping back to understand the broader context.

You develop pragmatic solutions and build flexible systems that balance engineering complexity and timely delivery, creating business impact.

You understand a broad range of data structures and algorithms and apply them to deliver high-performing applications.

You recognize and use design patterns to solve business problems.

You understand how operating systems work, perform and scale.

You continually align your work with Amazon’s business objectives and seek to deliver business value.

You collaborate to ensure that decisions are based on the merit of the proposal, not the proposer.

You proactively support knowledge-sharing and build good working relationships within the team and with others in Amazon.

You communicate clearly with your team and with other groups and listen effectively.


Skills & Experience

Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or relevant technical field.

Experience in software development and full product life-cycle.

Excellent programming skills in any object-oriented programming languages - preferably Java, C/C++/C#, Perl, Python, or Ruby.

Strong knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and designing for performance, scalability, and availability.

Proficiency in SQL and data modeling.

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3 - 8 yrs
₹3L - ₹10L / yr
1Should be able to troubleshoot / debug the code, C, C++
2. Understanding of Agile workflow
3. Should have good Hands-on knowledge
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Datastack Technologies Pvt Ltd
Kanchan Gupta
Posted by Kanchan Gupta
0 - 1 yrs
₹1L - ₹5L / yr
+2 more
What DataStack has to offer:
  • A world-class development environment and working culture.
  • Intensive cutting edge technologies to work on.
  • Very challenging development projects where you will learn more in one year what might take several years in a large firm.
What we are looking for:
  • Preferably CS grads (M.SC in Computer Science and MCA in Fullstack Development , B. Tech. in computer science.  
  • Expert in Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, SQL, etc). Or Data Analytics Technologies (Database, BI Tools, Python, Pandas etc)
  • Shall know one of the web frameworks like Django, Flask (only for web developers)
  • Should be conversant with at least one programming language like Java, Python or C#.
  • Experience - Freshers or one year.
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies
  • Willingness to work hard and unrelentingly focussed on deliverables.
  • Mastery over English or communication skills  is NOT required. We are looking for people with a passion for technology and engineering. 
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Client company
Agency job
via wwweducorain by Mudassar Tadpatri
viman nagar, Pune
4 - 6 yrs
₹6L - ₹10L / yr
Linux kernel
+1 more
Position: Linux BSP Developer
Job Location : Pune
Experience: 4 to 6 years
Design and development of Linux Device driver, BSP & Kernel modules
1. Strong in system C programming on Linux platform.
2. Strong experience in Linux Kernel and device driver development
3. Experience in Kernel porting and migration to different platforms and kernel versions.
4. Experience in BSP and Boot loaders
5. Device drivers experience preferably for following devices: UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, GPIO, PCIe, MMC, USB etc.,
6. Good knowledge on platforms and peripheral devices
7. Knowledge on processor like IMax Good to have
8. PowerPC experience
9. Python programming
Package : Commensurate to relevant experience ( CTC Range: 6 to 10 lacs/annum)
Immediate Joining !!
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IT Company
Agency job
via Tech - Soul Technologies by Rohini Shinde
5 - 10 yrs
₹15L - ₹20L / yr
Required Technical Expertise:
• Excellent programming skills in C, C++11
• Strong working experience in developing application on Linux.
• Experience of working with multithreading, IPC mechanism, queuing is must.
• Effective requirement analysis and effort estimation skills.
• In-depth knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming.
• In-depth understanding of docker-containers
• Understanding of container orchestration tools (e.g. Kubernetes, docker swarm)
• Experience using MQTT, SSL, boost, etc.
• Preliminary Python hands-on experience
• Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development
• Experience of working with Interfacing or implementing any protocol (BACnet, Modbus, etc.) will be an
added advantage
• Knowledge of developing applications for data collection, real time monitoring systems will be an added
• Experienced with all phases of project in development, testing and deployment and management of
enterprise solutions.
• Aware of Agile Methodologies, SCRUM, CI/CD methods
• Coordinate application implementations and follow-up on client problems
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at Turtlemint

6 recruiters
Nevin Manjiyani
Posted by Nevin Manjiyani
Mumbai, Pune
3 - 8 yrs
₹15L - ₹30L / yr
Spring Boot
Play Framework
+2 more
Turtlemint is one of India's largest InsureTech companies. Launched in 2015, Turtlemint works on educating customers and helping them research across all segments of insurance. It also has its own network of advisors who are empowered with all necessary training, tools and license to sell insurance and other financial products like Mutual Funds, Loans and e-Gold. It has a wide multi-brand distribution network through its multi-language mobile application - MintPro
With an advisor network of over 100,000 that caters to 1.5mn+ customers across 800 cities in India, Turtlemint today has an overwhelming majority of Indian insurance companies as its partners. With a goal to improve the skill and knowledge of the Insurance advisor community, it has invested in technology offerings, online trainings and shareable content. The Mumbai-based Startup has been funded by Sequoia Capital, Nexus Venture Partners and Blume Ventures.
Explore more about us on – and &
In the News :
• Design, implement, and support scalable and functionally resilient public REST APIs
• Support and help cultivate product mindset culture, by working directly with - business and product management to understand customer needs, perform customer requirement analysis, and collaborate on roadmap planning and its execution
• Advocate for best practice development methodologies across the entire team and help iterate on software development processes and standards
• Contribute to the development of test automation
• Demonstrate flexibility and leadership in a fast paced startup environment while remaining focused on the responsibility of creating sustainable and scalable platform code base
Experience and Skill required:
• Experience designing, developing, delivering, and scaling modern web applications
• Strong experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Python, Java, C/C++, C#
• Demonstrated expertise working with at least one modern enterprise application frameworks like Spring Boot, Play Framework, Django
• Demonstrated expertise in building scalable distributed applications in microservices architecture
• Expert knowledge of best practice software engineering methodologies and coding standards
• Strong and proven advocacy for Test Driven Development is preferred
• Experience with SQL (mySQL, Postgres, etc) and NoSQL (MongoDb, DynamoDB, Aerospike or Redis)
• Production experience in running cloud based enterprise-grade systems at scale
• Natural ability to process requirements, figure out multiple execution options, their complexity, and estimate the scope of work required to get tasks done
• DevOps experience
• Cloud experience (AWS required, Google Cloud Platform bonus)
Bachelors in Computer Science or a related technical field, or equivalent experience
Finally, and most importantly, drive, energy, and motivation to succeed with delivering great customer experiences
Experience: 4-8 years
What you get:
- To work in an early stage consumer internet start-up in disruptive space - To directly work with founding team of graduates from IIT/ IIM and experience at top internet brands like Yahoo/ eBay - Silicon Valley like culture - Competitive salary
Location: Mumbai/Pune
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Fact track MNC
Pune, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
3 - 8 yrs
₹15L - ₹45L / yr
Go Programming (Golang)
Arista Networks builds the infrastructure software that is the foundation block for Data Centers, Cloud, Web
and the entire internet. Our switches and routers are the backbone of large data centers that host Microsoft
Azure, Google Cloud, Facebook etc. High Frequency Traders rely on Arista to provide ultra-low latency network.
In India Arista powers the Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale event which has over billion transactions happening in
real time. Besides, we also provide the last mile connectivity for campus wide networking (both wired and
wireless) through our Cognitive Cloud Networking solutions. Arista disrupted the traditional infrastructure
technology by pioneering the move from hardware to Software Defined Networks, Cloud and now to greater
network visibility through telemetry and data analytics solutions. All this is possible because of the strong
product engineering innovation that is the core of Arista’s DNA. At Arista we take pride in our engineering
prowess. We hire the best engineers and give them the most complex infrastructure problems to solve. We
push for quality and not quantity. As our CTO/EVP(Engineering) Ken Duda puts it "It’s in our culture, quality is
the most important thing. Getting it right is more important than feature velocity, ship dates and new
With over 400+ engineers in Bangalore and Pune are a big part of Arista’s technology leadership. With new
products in the offering, we are planning to strengthen the India team. If you are looking for an authentic
software engineering job where you can make a fundamental impact at the core infrastructure level, you
should be talking to us - we are looking for aptitude and attitude ; you need not have worked in wireless or
networking domains to work at Arista.
What will you get to do as a Software Engineer at Arista?
At Arista software engineers are the real deal - they do a lot more than simply writing code. You will work on
the whole development process, including:
• Suggesting and deciding what features to build
• Driving the design and architecture
• Pushing, testing, documenting the feature
• Working alongside customers in the field if needed
You will get to work with the best in your field and learn how to write amazingly reliable software - At
Arista everyone is hands-on including our managers, directors, VP’s and of course our CTO!
Are you right for this role?
Do you like coding? Does your adrenaline go up when you have difficult problems to solve? For success at
Arista all you need is:
• Strong engineering and Computer Science fundamentals
• Extensive background in algorithms and strong software architecture skills
• Fluency in one or more of these programming languages: C, C++, Python, Go, Java, JavaScript
• Hands-on experience with design and implementation in a strong product-engineering environment
• Self-driven and self-motivated - At Arista we empower engineers to work on their own with very little
supervision and management.
Why Arista?
As a great software engineer we know that you have multiple options to choose from. So why Arista? It is

• Learning - A hands-on job like Arista’s is the best learning experience you can hope to get especially
when you work with peers who are equally good or better.
• Flexibility - Our engineers enjoy the utmost flexibility as we believe in judging by the output and not
by the hours worked. Our performance review process is designed to reflect this - we believe that
our best engineers know how to work and do not need to be told what to do.
• Truly global work - What we do in India is exactly the same as what we do in San Jose, Nashua,
Vancouver, Dublin, and other worldwide locations. You don’t have to move out of India to do
cutting edge software - at Arista you can do it right here.
• Large company with a start-up mind-set - We work like a start-up - less management, cost
conscious, innovating and disrupting our own products and we can go on. A mind-set that is hard to
get in $15b+ market cap public company.
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Espressif Systems India Pvt Ltd
Anuja Pawar
Posted by Anuja Pawar
4 - 10 yrs
₹15L - ₹30L / yr
Bluettoth low energy
+2 more

Senior BLE Firmware Software Engineer


About Company">Espressif Systems (688018) is a public multinational, fabless semiconductor company established in 2008, with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Greater China, India and Europe. We have a passionate team of engineers and scientists from all over the world, focused on developing cutting-edge WiFi-and-Bluetooth, low-power IoT solutions. We have created the popular ESP8266 and ESP32 series of chips, modules and development boards. By leveraging wireless computing, we provide green, versatile and cost-effective chipsets. We have always been committed to offering IoT solutions that are secure, robust and power-efficient. By open-sourcing our technology, we aim to enable developers to use Espressif’s technology globally and build smart connected devices. In July 2019, Espressif made its Initial Public Offering on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board (STAR) of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).


Espressif has opened a Technology Center in Pune (Baner), India, which will focus on embedded software engineering and IoT solutions development for our growing customers.


About the Role


Espressif is looking for Embedded Software Engineers to join the software department located in India. You will work in a diverse team where your colleagues are from Czech, Russia, India, Australia and so forth. Here, you get a chance to be a member of the core team in Espressif and work with talented engineers from all over the world.


The BLE Firmware Development Team is now focused on the development of the Bluetooth 5.x standard and BLE Mesh standard.


BLE FW Team is looking for a self-starting, high-technical, energetic individual with keen attention to details. The Candidate will be actively involved in:


  1. Development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Firmware for Espressif Bluetooth chips.
  2. Development of new firmware for BLE latest specification (BLE 5.x, BLE Mesh, etc).
  3. Development of BLE chip validation and Bluetooth Qualification.
  4. Research of cutting-edge and challenging Bluetooth technologies (BLE Audio, BLE Direction Finding, Next-Generation BLE Chip, etc).
  5. Supporting the existing firmware through feature additions, enhancements and maintenance.
  6. Working with systems team and cross-functional teams to deliver quality software following well-established software development processes.
  7. Resolving issues as reported by internal test teams as well as customers.




Required skills

  1. Bachlor's degree or above in Electronic Engineering, Communications Engineering, Automation or other related majors
  2. Familiarity with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol or BLE Mesh protocol
  3. Proven experience in developing BLE stack / firmware (2+ years, both BLE host and controller) or BLE Mesh stack (2+ years)
  4. Experience with software engineering processes and the full software development lifecycle including requirements, design, implementation, testing, and documenting in Continuous Integration environment
  5. Strong experience and proficiency in C programming (3+ years) for embedded platforms required
  6. Excellent problem solving and debugging skills


Bonus point

  1. Experience in developing BLE profiles and BLE applications (e.g. HID, ANCS, Homekit, etc)
  2. Good understanding of other networking protocol stacks is highly desired (e.g. Zigbee, IEEE 802.11, UWB, Lora, NB-IoT, etc)
  3. Strong Real-time systems and software engineering skills required (e.g. FreeRTOS, etc)
  4. One or more scripting languages (e.g. Python, etc)
  5. Experience with variety of software productivity tools (e.g. Git, Jira, etc)


What to expect from our interview process


  • The first step is to email your resume or apply to the relevant open position, along with a sample of something you have worked on such as a public GitHub repo or side project etc.
  • Next, post shortlisting your profile recruiter will get in touch with you via a mechanism that works for you e.g. via email, phone. This will be a short chat to learn more about your background and interests, to share more about the job and Espressif, and to answer any initial questions you have.
  • Successful candidates will then be invited for 2 to 3 rounds of technical interview as per previous round feedback.
  • Finally, Successful candidates will have interview with HR.


What you offer us


  • Ability to provide technical solutions, support that fosters collaboration and innovation.
  • Ability to balance a variety of technical needs and priorities according to Espressif’s growing needs.


What we offer


  • An open minded, collaboration culture of enthusiastic technologist.
  • Competitive salary
  • 100% company paid medical/dental/vision/life coverage
  • Frequent trainings by experienced colleagues and chances to take international trips, attend exhibitions, technical meetups and seminars.


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at Flytbase

6 recruiters
Anagha Abhyankar
Posted by Anagha Abhyankar
1 - 4 yrs
₹3L - ₹5L / yr
Systems engineering
flight test
+17 more

We are looking for a self motivated and passionate individual, with strong desire to learn and ability to lead. This position is for a Flight Test Engineer, with exposure to building and flying sUAS (RC Multirotors and Fixed wings). See the detailed job description below.


• Plan and execute flight test plans for new software features, electronics, sensors, and payloads.
• Perform hands-on mechanical and electrical integration of new hardware components on the internal fleet of test vehicles for R&D and testing.
• Troubleshoot and debug any components of a drone in the office or in the field. Maintenance of vehicles – keep the fleet ready for flight tests.
• Participate in defining and validating customer workflows and enhancing User experience.
• Coordinate cross-team efforts among FlytBase engineers to resolve issues identified during flight tests.
• Drive collaboration with FlytBase Developer team, Business Development team and Customer Support team to incorporate customer feedback and feature requests into FlytBase’s product development cycle.
• Learn about the domain and competitors to propose new drone applications, as well as, improvements in existing applications


• Experience in flight testing and operating/piloting small UAS and/or RC aircraft (both fixed-wing and multirotor systems).
• Experience in using flight-planning and ground control station software.
•Familiarity with UAV platforms, like, Pixhawk, DJI, Ardupilot and PX4.
•Experience in integrating, operating, and tuning autopilots on a variety of unmanned vehicles.
•Basic knowledge of electrical test equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope) and UAS sensors.
•Ability to work hands-on with electro-mechanical systems including assembly, disassembly, testing, troubleshooting.
•Good verbal and written communication skills.

Good to have

• RF communications fundamentals.
• Passionate about aerial robots i.e. drones.
• Programming languages and scripting for engineering use (C++, C, MATLAB, Python).

As per industry standards.

+ Fast-paced Startup culture
+ Hacker mode environment
+ Great team
+ Flexible work hours
+ Informal dress code
+ Free snacks

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EZEU (OPC) India Pvt Ltd
Pune, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
4 - 18 yrs
₹8L - ₹40L / yr
Intel DPDK
Packet analysis
+6 more

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS, Roles and responsibilties:

  • BS/MS in Computer Engineering or related technology field
  • 10+ Years of Experience in Software Development
  • Experience in  writing code for embedded systems, Proficient in C/C++ coding and intel DPDK
  • Understanding of network interface drivers
  • Experience with VMware, AWS, MSAzure, Google Cloud Platform.
  • Knowledge of micro services and containerization
  • Experience in building Networking Security Products
  • Knowledge of Networking, TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • Design, code embedded features/solutions for the ShieldX Product
  • Design write, extend and troubleshoot datapath code for switching, routing, NAT, TCP and TLS
  • Work closely with other development , Product and Test Teams
  • BS/MS in Computer Engineering or related technology field
  • Excellent communication and Team player skills
  • Should be a self-starter and be able to adopt to dynamic fast-paced environment.
  • Able to work 40 hours a week
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WorkApps Product Solution Pvt. Ltd.
8 - 14 yrs
Best in industry
+2 more



Video Platform Architect - C/C++




  • Location – Pune
  • Reporting to – CTO (Shankar Borate)
  • Designation : Architect


Educational Background

  • Engineering graduate (B.E./B.Tech)


Professional Experience

  • 8+ Years of hands on experience in C/C++ Language, Core C language is preferred


Primary Role

  • Full ownership of building our video platform using various open source technologies and if required implement our own video technologies
  • You will build 1-1, many to many audio and video conferencing, broadcasting system and related features such as recording using open source technologies
  • Architect, Develop, implement various features in video platform
  • You will need to work in open source frameworks code base, understand nitty-gritty of how its designed and implemented
  • Responsible to configure, enhance Coturn, Janus WebRTC gateway OR any other video related open source technologies as per our need
  • Responsible for fixing various issues in video platform
  • Responsible for integrating Video Platform with Chat Platform and other external platforms including Web and Mobile application
  • Work with other engineering team for any video related work
  • Responsible for supporting video platform in production environment
  • Explore new video related technologies, do POCs
  • Help DevOps team deploy the platform in various customer data centers (Aws/Azure cloud and on premises deployments)
  • To build micro-services using C language libraries.
  • Integrate video platform with other internal systems as well as external customer systems as per business need
  • Coach and lead the team technically
  • Experience of automating build and deployment process of C/C++ language based products
  • Experience of working with video technologies such as WebRTC, Janus, Kurento, Jitsi etc.
  • Strong experience of architect and design of core software product
  • Experience of working on Android, iOS and UI technologies



Secondary Role

  • Training engineering team on Video technologies
  • Ensure DevOps practices are implemented in products that help manage the DevOps well
  • Build good understanding of product features
  • Participate in technical support call rotation


Other Skills:

  • Excellent understanding of Software Architecture, design and development fundamentals
  • Excellent understanding of how open source technologies can be tuned for solving our business problem and if requires enhance the same
  • Automate the build and deployment process of C/C++ based software products
  • Explore and Build in-depth understanding of video technologies  
  • Enhance video platform for scalability, performance and video quality. You will need to think in-depth of how video and audio technologies work and figure out way to implements our business flows in such a way that end system solve core business need
  • Write micro-services in C language. Integrate external services in existing platform
  • Strong understanding of operating system and networking concepts
  • Strong debugging and problem solving skills
  • Strong understanding of data structure and algorithmic skills
  • Ensure Systems are up 24x7
  • Participate in technical support
  • Travel to customer place to resolve deployment related issues
  • Somebody who can think out of box and believe in building excellency in whatsoever he do




Personality and attitude traits

  • Problem Solver – We like people who understands and solves problem in best possible way
  • Team Player – We believe in team outcome that helps company and team grows along with individual
  • Passionate about work – We like people who like to work, and want their work to mean something
  • Self-starter and motivator – We do not believe in monitoring or tracking team members
  • Eager and quick to learn – If you are not excited to learn new things, then tech companies are not for you
  • Tech savvy – If you are not tech savvy yourself, then tech companies are not for you
  • Individual contributor – We are a small team, and everyone has hands on contribution
  • Startup savvy – We are a startup in every possible sense, and like people who like to work in startups
  • Eager to grow – We are a small team, and want to have people to grow into larger roles as the company grows











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Espressif Systems India Pvt Ltd
Remote, Pune
3 - 10 yrs
₹15L - ₹30L / yr
+3 more
Digital Verification Engineer About Company: Espressif Systems is a multinational, fabless semiconductor company established in 2008, with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Greater China, India and Europe. We have a passionate team of engineers and scientists from all over the world, focused on developing cutting-edge WiFi-and-Bluetooth, low-power, IoT solutions. Among our popular products are the ESP8266 and ESP32 series of chips, modules and development boards. Job Description 1. Develop verification programs and define the verification environment according to design documentation, in order to conduct module- to chip-level verification; 2. Perform regression tests to improve verification coverage; 3. Assist the FPGA and software teams in FPGA prototype testing; 4. Collaborate with chip design engineers to find and fix any design defects; 5. Ensure the integrity of chip designs by supervising the design department when building verifiable design processes; 6. Carry out door-level simulation, with UPF verification methodology, to ensure successful chip tapeout. Job Prerequisites 1. Bachelor’s degree, or above, in Computer Engineering/Electronic Engineering/Communications Engineering, or other related disciplines; 2. 5+ years of work experience; 3. Familiarity with SoC and communication theory; 4. Familiarity with Verilog, proficiency in C/System Verilog verification; 5. Proficiency in Perl/Shell/Tcl scripts; 6. Experience in FPGA verification and/or chip tapeout is a plus; 7. Familiarity with VMM/UVM is a plus.
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Espressif Systems India Pvt Ltd
Anuja Pawar
Posted by Anuja Pawar
Pune, Shanghai, China
4 - 10 yrs
₹12L - ₹25L / yr
Embedded C
Embedded software
Shell Scripting
+4 more
Job description Title: Lead Embedded Software Engineer Type: full-time/regular, direct hire Location: Pune, India Relocation Assistance: full About this position: This is an opportunity to be a key player at a company with a great reputation in IoT semiconductor technology and growing business. We offer a great long-term opportunity in a true team environment. If you have strong experience in software programming languages such as assembly, C etc. along with software validation test procedures then this opportunity is well suited to you. We are looking for a professional Embedded Software Engineer to execute complete embedded software development lifecycle. The goal is to create scalable and optimized software systems Major Responsibilities: 1. Conceptualize, plan, design, implement and test embedded software and firmware. 2. Participate in software architecture high level design decisions. 3. Develop and maintain efficient codes written with best practices in mind. 4. Develop and maintain product documentation. 5. Work within a highly diverse technical team on cross functional integrated systems. 6. Various other tasks and projects you choose to own. Basic Qualifications: The Leading Embedded Software Engineer position requires a Bachelor's degree in Software, Computer, or Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or a specialized area, field or the equivalent and a minimum of 5 to 10 years of related work experience. Applicants with a Master's degree and a minimum of 4 to 8 years of related experience are also eligible. Skills: • Clear and concise spoken and written communication skills are critical for this position since the engineer is responsible for gathering engineering requirements, negotiating during tradeoff analysis and documentation. • Interpersonal skills (Networking, negotiation, and tolerance). • The ability to work with cross functional, multi-regional, internal, and external teams that can have different priorities. • Ability to manage urgent situations and manage priorities. • Tolerance to ambiguity and dealing with complex engineering problems. • Ability to make decisions with minimal supervision and limited information. Requirements: 1. Proficient in C language and strong Real-Time SW development skills. 2. Scripting Languages: shell, Perl, Python or the like. 3. Microprocessors/Architectures: strong knowledge of Computer / SoC architecture, familiarity with microprocessor instruction sets is a desired. 4. Experience with RTOS desired. 5. Strong knowledge of Network protocols and layer2 MAC, preferably wireless protocols like 802.11, Bluetooth. 6.Demonstrated experience using software development best practices – requirements capture, design reviews, code reviews, coding conventions. Posting Statement: Espressif prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status.
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at MedCords

6 recruiters
Priyanka Mishra
Posted by Priyanka Mishra
3 - 5 yrs
₹15L - ₹25L / yr
Data Structures
+4 more
- We are a cloud-based healthcare startup working to bring affordable and intelligent healthcare to the grassroots. - We are looking for a strong candidate to work on the cloud-based server architecture and develop features from scratch that address issues of scalability and performance. Technical Skills : 1. Strong knowledge of data structures and Algorithms. 2. Strong OS fundamentals and computer networks. 3. Understanding of AWS architecture will be an added advantage. 4. Should have a hands-on on Python, C/C++, Golang. 5. Strong in identifying corner cases and unit testing of own code. Responsibilities: • Architect scalable backend systems, services, and APIs. • Write code that is fast, reliable and also highly secure. • Collaborate effectively with the team to solve complex problems. • Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server-side logic Personal Skills: 1. Energetic & enthusiastic to work in an open and fast-paced environment. 2. Have the ability to take initiatives & absolute end to end ownership of the product 3. Good communication skills( ability to express thoughts). 4. Amazing problem-solving skills. 5. Ability to work independently & drive the development of various features. 6. Startup experience is a plus.
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at Wideeye

2 recruiters
Prasad Zaware
Posted by Prasad Zaware
0 - 2 yrs
₹2L - ₹3L / yr
Internet of Things (IOT)
Embedded software
Embedded C
+2 more
Responsibilities • Design & Develop work based on requirement • Report own status • Collaborate with other team members to achieve sprint goals. Required Qualifications And Experience • BE/ B.Tech in Electronics/Electrical • Good to have Knowledge on Backend Development • Strong knowledge in C/C++ and Python • Good programming & SW design skills
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at Smartleaven

2 recruiters
Sush Tech
Posted by Sush Tech
3 - 6 yrs
₹3L - ₹12L / yr
Visual C++
The C++ Developer will be responsible for creating documented code for the given project. You will be using your skills and knowledge to deliver solutions to the given requirements/ problems. C++ Developer duties and responsibilities • Design, build, and maintain efficient and reliable C++ code • Work closely with the team (other developers, managers, tester) • Work on extensions of existing products • Suggest and implement improvements on current products • Plan, design, develop, manage, document, test, deploy, and support new and existing modules • Hands on for algorithm development or modification • Basic Database systems - indexes, filters C++ Developer requirements • 3 to 6 years of experience in C++ • Relevant Bachelors degree • Experience with algorithms/data structures knowledge • Good OOP knowledge • Software development lifecycle experience • Experience with one or more of Android/ OS X/ IOS, Windows, LINUX • Good understanding of TCP/IP protocol • Coordination with other developers for cross-functional requirements implementation and tests • Resolve issues proactively to deliver high quality modules/subsystems/ products
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at Smartleaven

2 recruiters
Sush Jalal
Posted by Sush Jalal
3 - 9 yrs
₹3L - ₹15L / yr
Embedded Systems
Linux programming with C++ for embedded systems. Need not have prior embedded experience but willing to learn and work on embedded side. Knowledge or experience of Python is a plus, but not mandatory. Job involves the following: Write, Test, Maintain and Debug Code. C++ for Linux based embedded systems.
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GDB Technologies Pvt Ltd
Priyanka Deshpande
Posted by Priyanka Deshpande
3 - 7 yrs
₹3L - ₹15L / yr
We are seeking an experienced C++ professional and enthusiast ready to take on challenges for a rewarding career. Skills : Extensive experience of programming secure ​C++ code Experience in browser development with chromium, blink/webkit Working knowledge of network programming - low level as well as HTTP Creative, analytical, problem solving and strong debugging skills. Extensive experience working in a collaborative team environment. Understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git. Good verbal and written communication skills. Experience in Agile.
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Niyuj Enterprise Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai
5 - 11 yrs
₹6L - ₹19L / yr
Windows Azure
Storage & Networking
Job requirement: Position : C++ Storage Programmer Software developer required to work on Backup, Disaster Recovery and High Availability products. Candidate should have experience in Windows systems programming, Storage, File Systems and Virtualisation solutions like Hyper-V and VMWare on Windows. Debugging and problem solving skills in a fast paced environment to develop cutting edge features. Exposure in product development in backup products like Symantec NetBackup, BackupExec, Commvault, Carbonite, HP DataProtector, Tivoli etc. will be an added advantage. Qualification: • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or equivalent educational qualification and experience required. Skills/Experience: . 5+ years of software development experience using C++ on Windows. · System-level programming and debugging · Experience troubleshooting and resolving software and environmental problems in Production environments · Experience debugging multi-threaded and multi-process code
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Phide Technology

at Phide Technology

1 recruiter
Ashish Goyal
Posted by Ashish Goyal
Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Pune
5 - 17 yrs
₹6L - ₹8L / yr
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Mobile App Development
+2 more
Creating the most innovative platform that empowers us to engage and be more effective in our social environment
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Siemens Industry Software

at Siemens Industry Software

1 video
7 recruiters
Suneel Jagdale
Posted by Suneel Jagdale
3 - 9 yrs
₹6L - ₹20L / yr
Visual C++
SQL server
+1 more
Siemens Industry Software is looking for C++ developers for development of kernel area of large enterprise application for Manufacturing domain.
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ProtoTech Solutions, Pune
Kavita Baghel
Posted by Kavita Baghel
4 - 8 yrs
₹5L - ₹12L / yr
Android Development
+1 more
ProtoTech is a custom software development company providing Engineering solutions in CAD, CAM, CAE domain. For more details please visit
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Dassault Systemes

at Dassault Systemes

2 recruiters
Manoj Chaudhari
Posted by Manoj Chaudhari
3 - 7 yrs
₹5L - ₹10L / yr
> Established on January 22, 2002 : as a joint venture between Dassault Systemes & Geometric Ltd Completed 14 years > On April 1, 2016, DS announced acquiring full ownership of 3dPLM Software. The merger transaction is expected to completed by Dec 2016. > 2000+ employees across 3 locations – Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru > Deep knowledge of DS products and processes > 2nd largest R&D Centre of Dassault Systemes & an integral part of DS
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Ixsight Technologies Pvt Ltd
Uma Venkataraman
Posted by Uma Venkataraman
Pune, Mumbai
3 - 9 yrs
₹5L - ₹14L / yr
Ixsight Technologies is an innovative IT company with strong Intellectual Property. Ixsight is focused on creating Customer Data Value through its solutions for Identity Management, Locational Analytics, Address Science and Customer Engagement. Ixsight is also adapting its solutions to Big Data and Cloud. We are in the process of creating new solutions across platforms. Ixsight has served over 80+ clients in India – for various end user applications across traditional BFSI and telecom sector. In the recent past we are catering to the new generation verticals – Hospitality, ecommerce etc. Ixsight has been featured in the Gartner’s India Technology Hype Cycle and has been recognised by both clients and peers for pioneering and excellent solutions. If you wish to play a direct part in creating new products, building IP and being part of Product Creation - Ixsight is the place.
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Media Magic Technologies

at Media Magic Technologies

2 recruiters
Pragya Anand
Posted by Pragya Anand
2 - 5 yrs
₹5L - ₹10L / yr
+2 more
Great exposure to their technical skills.
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Ryussi Technologies (P) Ltd.
3 - 8 yrs
₹9L - ₹26L / yr
Key Skills – C
systems programming
Object oriented concepts
+2 more
Current project is to work on a backup & disaster recovery (BDR) product of a US based company which is deployed at eminent customers like NASA, International Space Station, Wal-Mart, US Air Force, US Navy, US Government Departments, etc
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NavStik Autonomous Systems Pvt. Ltd.
5 - 15 yrs
₹4L - ₹20L / yr
Amazon Web Services
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We are a startup with opportunity for everyone to wear multiple hats. This role would broadly involve: - Design and develop framework for extensible software components. - Design cloud based architecture and setup web-servers - Write server side code for web and cloud based applications - Design and develop framework for packaging and deploying over the air software updates to devices - Create prototypes and develop robust production applications - Have fun with the team!
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