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Machine Learning Engineer
Posted by Sharath Murthy

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Bengaluru (Bangalore)


1 - 5 years


{{900000 / ('' == 'MONTH' ? 12 : 100000) | number}} - {{1800000 / ('' == 'MONTH' ? 12 : 100000) | number}} {{'' == 'MONTH' ? '/mo' : 'lpa'}}


Machine Learning (ML)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Image processing

Job description

Cartisan is a start-up building AI-based software products for automotive & EV companies to better engage with their customers and enhance overall experience of owning / using a car. For building SAAS software supporting cloud, mobile and in-car apps with Machine Learning and AI capabilities, we are hiring experienced Machine Learning Engineers at our Bangalore office What’s on offer – Opportunity to lead development of a global tech product, competitive pay and stock options Requirements: 1)Experience in Deep learning using Convolutional Neural Networks 2)Sound knowledge of Object detection,Semantic segmentation,Instance segmentation(Faster-RCNN,Single shot multibox detector(SSD),Mask RCNN,Mobile-net) 3)Classic Image processing techniques using OpenCV 4)Proficiency in Python 5)Should be comfortable building ML models on various deep learning and machine learning libraries using tensorflow,keras,scikit-learn,Numpy,etc 6)Familiarity with Amazon Web service( Elastic Cloud Compute(EC2),Amazon Sagemaker)

About Cartisan

Cartisan - Car care simplified. Cartisan is a technology company connecting car owners with car companies and workshops using our technology platform. Cartisan app suite is used by car OEMs, workshop chains, fleet owners in addition to retail car owners. 




Products & Services


6-50 employees


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