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Your path to the right talent. Cut short.

Shut out the noise. Directly connect with the premium talent matching your jobs. It's more efficient than LinkedIn and 10 times more cost effective!

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The Usual Path
The Usual Path

Who is Cutting it Short?

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Why CutShort?

No long forms
Relevance in. Noise out
Our matchmaking algorithms learn your unique preferences to ensure you only get relevant connects. We even do the first level of assessment to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Discover employers in your network
Discover proven talent
Meet high quality professionals with 1 to 25 year experience in startups and product companies. They may have different skills - techies, marketers, PMs, designers, sales folks and others, but they all hate job boards :)
Make your network count
AI for team productivity
Save time on things like coordinating interviews or sending reminders. Or making and saving complex search queries. Our Artificial Intelligence features have you covered.