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 Think of industries still untouched by startup driven innovation. If you can foresee that changing over the next few years, wouldn’t that be a great startup to join today? The global logistics industry is one of the few trillion-dollar markets that has mostly been untapped by startups for various reasons. Hyper competitive environments, high degree of regulation and large, complex operations – have delayed disruption in the industry. But a lot is changing. Increasing adoption of technology and emerging digital platforms are improving the way businesses buy, sell & deliver logistics services.  The industry is at the helm of a large-scale transformation and we, at Terminal2, aim to contribute significantly to this change.Terminal 2 is an online B2B marketplace for the logistics industry. The platform provides tools & methodologies for users to maximize profitability and find quick solutions to their logistics requirements.​We’re a group of young (and some not so young!) talented entrepreneurs and engineers who believe that the right understanding and a focus on the simplicity & ease of technology can lead logistics companies of all sizes towards greater success. The founders of Terminal 2 come with a collective experience of 40+ years with a solid track record of corporate as well as entrepreneurial experience in the international freight forwarding & logistics industry. We got together back in 2016 and have since developed, refined & tested the idea and created a prototype that is now ready to be taken to the market. ​Headquartered in Bangalore, India, we are a geographically distributed team. Our team of founders and consultants work out of Bangalore, Chennai & Melbourne. If you're looking to make a move, come join us as we go after a trillion-dollar market for an exciting & rewarding career… 
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