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The world is experiencing a significant supply and demand mismatch for good quality talent. Global companies often struggle to find qualified full-time talent in-locale. At the same time, the huge talent pool in India, is buried in either (i) large outsourcing / services organizations, (ii) neglected captive centers of large multi-national companies, or (iii) higher churn / risky start-ups. No one is getting their needs met.¬†kaam.work believes that the world has moved on from looking at India primarily as a place for cheaper talent and instead sees it as a place to access Rockstar talent in a direct, transparent, and integrated format.¬†For global companies, kaam.work solves two primary pain points: (1) high costs and headaches of drawn-out full-time hiring cycles, and (2) friction around the legal, admin, infrastructure, and management demands as well the hassles of navigating through recruiting challenges in India.¬†Kaam.work solves these pain points by creating a new remote engagement model for the modern workforce. Our AI-powered platform converts your English description of business objectives and goals scientifically into work modules and skillsets that will be matched within our own curated pool of Rockstars, who are already full-time members of kaam.work ‚Äď we call them the KaamForce.¬†The matched members are onboarded immediately and work with global teams remotely from premium co-working spaces in India.¬†For KaamForce members, we: (1) pass on savings realized through removal of bloated unnecessary bureaucratic layers at current services orgs in the form of much better, globally-aligned compensation (2) offer much higher dedicated engagement through direct integration into global teams and provide the ability to rotate through brands over time without wasting energy on a series of job searches¬†Kaam.work uses technology to solve the global supply-demand mismatch for full-time talent while raising the engagement levels with the work itself.
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