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JamboPay Express Private Limited is a new-age financial technology company focused on integration of payment systems for managing, transacting and utilizing multiple channels and truly makes commerce mobile. The company came into existence in 2015 and is now rapidly expanding to cover various services under its umbrella. We specialize in M-commerce,  Mobile payments, Payment systems and solutions, Third-party integrations, Card based payment integrations, Merchant Payment Systems, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), M-banking and Agency Banking solutions. Our flagship product is FidyPay, a payment gateway that aggregates online and offline payments into a unified payment solution through multiple channels. It’s a platform that provides a framework for inclusion of payments options such as Mobile Money, Visa and MasterCard among other channels. This ingenuity of unifying all payment channels has uniquely positioned us to be of considerable benefit to companies to increase their footprints and sales. At the same time, we have been chosen as trusted partners with government agencies, to enable financial inclusion and significantly improve upon the effectiveness of social programs and revenue collection mechanisms. This growth has been helped by our operations in India with a workforce of close to 20 people, instrumental in managing and running the platform. And we are focused to improve and increase the quality of talent working at the company to compete with the best in the industry. We believe in strong and value adding partnerships with market players within industry to offer the aggregated payments application to the region. And it’s our assurance that FidyPay is “Simplifying Payments”
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Walkover Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Walkover is a place where developers work under one roof with thinkers and creators bringing ideas into existence.VisionTo introduce best possible tools in the market in the least possible time, which will make the lives of people even easier and they are able to take benefit of the IT industry in a true sense. Mission To bring simple and easy-to-use products year after year and enhance our development process. For the year 2015, Walkover is working with the mission to work on its three major products: MSG91 - to make it a leader in the industry through its service quality and UI. Giddh - to make accounting an easier concept even for a common man. Socket - API middleware, making API integration easy.Along with this, Walkover will strive for continuous innovation, experiments, and research which will show us the future. Business profile Area of expertiseBeing the IT domain for over 4 years, Walkover specializes in web based application development and mobile application development. It has been creating innovative products since it was founded and continues to introduce new products from time to time.  Technologies we useCore PHP, Python, Node.js, Android, Windows, open source software, and powerful AWS servers. Walkover uses the best available technology - premium version of databases and so on so that our products work smooth and robust. Key ProductsMSG91 (SMS solutions provider)MSG91 is an internet based service that allows you to send SMS and critical alerts to the masses. Product info: https://msg91.com/Giddh (Accounting software)Giddh is an extremely simple to use Accounting software that manages your day to day financial transactions in a systematic way so that it enhances the efficiency of your business.Product info: https://giddh.com/ Socket (API Middleware)Socket makes API integration process super easy and helps to connect multiple software so that you build a big business, not big software.Product info: https://viasocket.com  General viewWe continuously inspire with our innovative ideas and let you evolve as a winner with us. We believe in aspiring and encouraging you at every step to make more meaning out of your personal and professional life. 
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