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(Senior) Full Stack Developer
Posted by Sanket Patil

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Bengaluru (Bangalore)


3 - 6 years


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Web Development

Job description

Products@DataWeave: We, the Products team at DataWeave, build data products that provide timely insights that are readily consumable and actionable, at scale. Our underpinnings are: scale, impact, engagement, and visibility. We help businesses take data driven decisions everyday. We also give them insights for long term strategy. We are focused on creating value for our customers and help them succeed. We are also responsible for creating and maintaining internal products and tools that help the rest of the organization scale. Our data science, data quality, CSM, and marketing teams use tools built by the us. They are our internal customers. How we work: It's hard to tell what we love more, problems or solutions! Every day, we choose to address some of the hardest data problems that there are. We are in the business of making sense of messy public data on the web. At serious scale! Read more on Become a DataWeaver (https://dataweave.com/in/careers) Roles and Responsibilities: ● Work closely with the VP of Products and UX designers to understand the product vision and design philosophy. ● Talk to multiple stakeholders within the organization to understand their problems and help them scale their operations. ● Work with our Technical Architects to design and architect our customer facing as well as internal web applications -- end to end. ● Help stabilize and scale our existing systems. Help design the next generation systems. ● Build robust RESTful APIs that serve data and insights to DataWeave and other products. ● Design user interaction workflows on our products and integrating them with data APIs. ● Constantly think scale, think automation. Measure everything. Optimize proactively. ● Be a tech thought leader. Add passion and vibrance to the team. Push the envelope. Skills and Requirements: ● 3-5 years of experience building and scaling Web Applications and APIs. ● Have a strong grasp of CS fundamentals and excellent problem solving abilities. Have a good understanding of software design principles and architectural best practices. ● Be passionate about writing code and have experience coding in multiple languages. ● Experience building applications with PHP and Javascript essential. Experience with Python is a bonus. ● In depth understanding of relational databases; hands on experience writing and optimizing non-trivial MySQL queries. ● It’s a bonus if you have worked with other storage and indexing technologies such as Redis, MongoDB, Solr, etc. ● Working knowledge of building websites and apps. Good understanding of integration complexities and dependencies. ● Use the command line like a pro. Be proficient in Git and other essential software development tools. ● Exposure to one or more centralized logging, monitoring, and instrumentation tools, such as Kibana, Graylog, StatsD, Datadog etc will help. ● Working knowledge linux server administration as well as the AWS ecosystem is desirable. ● Be able to argue convincingly why feature X of language Y rocks/sucks, or why a certain design decision is right/wrong, and so on. ● Be a self-starter—someone who thrives in fast paced environments with minimal ‘management’. ● It's a huge bonus if you have some personal projects (including open source contributions) that you work on during your spare time. Show off some of your projects you have hosted on GitHub. Growth at DataWeave: ● Fast track growth opportunities at dynamically evolving start-up. ● Work on a variety of challenging problems and technology stacks. Make real impact. ● Learning opportunities with courses and tech conferences.

About Dataweave Pvt Ltd

About us
DataWeave provides Retailers and Brands with “Competitive Intelligence as a Service” that enables them to take
key decisions that impact their revenue. Powered by AI, we provide easily consumable and actionable
competitive intelligence by aggregating and analyzing billions of publicly available data points on the Web to
help businesses develop data-driven strategies and make smarter decisions.


Data Engineering and Delivery @DataWeave

We the Delivery / Data engineering team at DataWeave, deliver the Intelligence with actionable data to the
customer. One part of the work is to write effective crawler bots to collect data over the web, which calls for
reverse engineering and writing scalable python code. Other part of the job is to crunch data with our big data
stack / pipeline. Underpinnings are: Tooling, domain awareness, fast paced delivery, and pushing the envelope.




Products & Services


51-250 employees


Raised funding
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