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Sr Frontend Engineer
Posted by pranavi Gundeti

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Bengaluru (Bangalore), Mumbai


2 - 5 years


{{1000000 / ('' == 'MONTH' ? 12 : 100000) | number}} - {{2000000 / ('' == 'MONTH' ? 12 : 100000) | number}} {{'' == 'MONTH' ? '/mo' : 'lpa'}}


AngularJS (1.x)
Angular (2+)

Job description

Sr. Frontend Engineer : 2-4 Years Job Description : Koinex aims at being a game-changer in the nascent Indian blockchain industry. We're a small team that's growing fast and we're looking for Senior Frontend Engineers. As a member of the engineering team, you will be developing our client and consumer facing frontend with a strong focus on response time, stability and cross platform compatibility. If you believe that you drive for excellence in what you do and would go an extra mile to achieve that, this might be an interesting opportunity for you. Responsibilities : • Write clean, high-quality, and scalable code. • Own all aspects of our front-end architecture including but not limited to components, styling, and layouts. • Collaborate with design, product, and QA teammates to build, test, and maintain platform features. • Deeply understand colleague roles and business processes to find places where product and tech features can help our renovators, experts, and team members do their jobs more easily and elegantly. • Put scalability and efficiency top of mind while hustling to get needed improvements out the door. • Optimize the ways we test, track, and measure across systems. • Provide technical estimates and evaluate specs in order to create an efficient product and development process. • Perform code reviews by giving quality constructive feedback, making sure we’re creating the best platform possible and supporting our team members’ growth. • Identify and fix bugs on the website (both as an individual and as a collaborator). • Learn the ins and outs of the code to produce holistic code and keep technical debt low. • Experience working with Git. Expected to have : • 3+ years of experience. • Strong experience of Angular 2 and above (Component mindset, data/method binding, modular and clean code, client-side routing, data/component/service/module dependencies, user authentication and authorisation, web security, etc). • Good knowledge of Angular v1.x. • Good experience of tools used in frontend development (build, bundle, package tools/managers, Babel, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt). • In-depth JavaScript experience (ES5, ES6, TypeScript, Object-oriented, Functional, Sync/Async, Event Loop). • Strong at Frontend-Backend Integration ($http, Promise). • Strong at HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Javascript, Jquery. • Strong at Agile methodology and Scrum. • Websockets and socket clients. • Basic Knowledge of structured and unstructured databases. Other Good to have skills : • Knowledge of React, VueJS, or any other frontend framework is a plus. • Experience in Redux. • Node or any other backend tech stack experience. • Hands-on experience in blockchain technology. About Company Koinex is India’s first open orderbook exchange with the support of multiple digital assets onto a single platform. We are an entrepreneurial team of over 60 members — Engineers, Product Designers, FinTech Experts, Marketers, and Customer Success Professionals with one thing in common: a passion for the blockchain technology and the decentralized future. Since our inception in August 2017, we have grown to become the largest digital assets exchange in India. Koinex has been a pioneer with many firsts: fully KYC-compliant, enabling instant deposits and withdrawals, supporting important hard forks, opening the dialogue with top-level regulators among others. We’re now focusing extensively on becoming the forerunner in making India the hotbed of blockchain technology development. If Interested, Kindly Revert back on hr@koinex.in with your updated CV/Resume.

About Koinex

Koinex is India's most advanced digital assets exchange. It's the first complete exchange supporting multiple cryptocurrencies/ tokens on a single platform. Built entirely from scratch, Koinex is aimed at bringing the magic of blockchain technology to India. Bitcoin - the world's first cryptocurrency - was introduced in 2009 and since then over 1000 tradable tokens have come into existence. However, for a long time India missed out on the tremendous opportunity that the rest of the world had been enjoying. And Koinex has been built to bridge that gap.
Koinex has been built over cutting edge technology. Proprietary trading engine, wallet and platform architectures, grade A security, user-centric UI/UX, and tons of user-demanded features are some of the things which define Koinex. It's being carved to perfection, one day at a time, all with your constant love and support.






51-250 employees


Raised funding
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