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Centris Infotech Services Pvt Ltd, India

CENTRIS Infotech Services founded in 2009, is a software product development solutions and IT services company. We manage our business from 2 locations – Business Development & Technical center in Bangalore and Corporate office in Chennai, India. CENTRIS Infotech Services specializes in business process automation and product services in Manufacturing, Transportation, HR Management, Schools and Outsourcing Services business domains. With extensive market research and business process study by our experts, we have developed innovatives mart ERP solutions to meet the specific business needs of domain focused industries. We understand every business is unique hence we provide a hybrid engagement model for improving the efficiency of the web based solution with domain processes combined with the client specific customization. We provide client specific, value-added solutions and services that are innovative, optimized and cost effective with time-to-market advantage. Our hybrid engagement model is designed to leverage the best of both to our client’s business. We, at CENTRIS, bring the depth of domain knowledge, technology expertise and client commitment to help deliver on strategic IT solutions. We have an array of front-end technology deployment services to help clients maximize the effectiveness and productivity of their investments in software.
People hiring at Centris Infotech Services Pvt Ltd, India
Jobs at Centris Infotech Services Pvt Ltd, India
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