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Explore Life Traveling

Raised funding
What we are doingSolvingTrustusing Machine learning/AI and using it to solve the travel P2P home sharing market. (www.ExploreLifeTraveling.com) Who we areVikram Kumar (CEO/Founder) : www.linkedin.com/in/vikrampkumar   (MS CS, UT Austin,10th employee for Mobileiron which went public in 2014, was part of the startup till IPO) Rohit Suri (CTO/Founder): www.linkedin.com/in/rohitksuri  (NITAllahabad, 5th employee for airespace which got acquired by Cisco for 500M $,Principal Engineer, Cisco 18 patents). TractionWe have run the company so far for 6 quarters and we have grown 20x in revenue over a year. Current Angel StatusRamesh Shah (Founder of Harvard Angels, India)Jyoti Jain (Multiple exits, MBA from wharton based in US valley).Bobby Gupta ( Managing partner, SVB equity, US))Bharat Vijay ( Founder of Yahoo india development center, VP of amazon A9 india)Mekin Maheshwari (Ex Head of Engineering Flipkart, Ex Head Chief people officer flipkart)Dinesh Prasad (Head Devices , India & South Asia, Qualcomm)Shrinivas Bairi (Ex director of Qualcomm) "We are providing a travel platform for trusted micro communities to rent out their homes to other members of the trusted micro community....For example we have a startup community https://www.explorelifetraveling.com/community/startup where all members of this community are verified to be part of trusted startups, we also have a women professional community where women are renting it out to other other women only https://www.explorelifetraveling.com/community/Women%20Professionals similar we are building up employee network, alumni network (IIT), harley davidson riders club etc....we have admins for each community who decide who can be part of the community....Once a member joins a community he gets access to book stays which are part of that community….” One of our main growth hacks as been hosting experience’s in our hosts houses which are listed here www.explorelifetraveling.com/events
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