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Marketplace Companies/Startups in Mumbai

Discover top Marketplace Companies/Startups in Mumbai. Explore all the job opportunities and directly connect with actual hiring teams.

Inzane Labs Pvt. Ltd.

We recently launched a mobile learning app named Prepathon. Launched 5 weeks back, it currently is amongst the top 20 Free education apps on play store. Our users are already solving about 90,000 questions a day on the mobile app. Join a small technology team (currently 8) consisting of engineers from premier institutes like MIT (Boston) and Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, PA). PaGaLGuY.com is India's largest education site and network for students who are looking to crack entrance exams. We reach out to 1 Million+ people every month through our site. Since it started in 2002, PaGaLGuY has followed an online community approach to enhance and empower people interested in Management (MBA and other fields). A lot of people have confirmed that PaGaLGuY is the only true vibrant online community for MBA-related topics, with a wide user base ranging from Newbies trying to find their way to an MBA, to veterans with years of experience. It is this wonderful mix of people, combined with our impeccably-designed platform that has grown a helpful and resource-rich community. Our user-base of over 1 million and the 4 million+ posts they've written is a testimony to the fact. Over the past years we have built a fabulous community, but are now looking to build something that is far more challenging and larger in size and scale. If you are interested in how technology can help change learning and education, you should have a chat with us.
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ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd (Ola)

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Founded and launched in December 2010 by IIT Bombay graduates, Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, Ola is India's most popular mobile app for transportation. Initially launched as an online travel company to facilitate short weekend holidays, it soon began to recognize the growing need for hassle free day-to-day transport. Six years later, filling that vacuum in the market continues to be Ola's vision, to provide seamless and convenient mobility to a billion Indians. Breaking new ground in the on-demand cab aggregator market in India, Ola began as a market innovator and has today come to lead the country's on-road transport sector not only in terms of volume, but also in terms of innovation and creativity. As one of the fastest growing Unicorns, Ola takes pride in being entrepreneurial, experimental and innovative! In India, Ola is synonymous with cab travel today and is the favoured choice of transportation for millions of Indians every day. Present in 100+ cities, with over 5.5 lakh driver-partners attached to its platform, Ola has around 4.5 lakh vehicles plying on the roads every day. Ola's edge lies in understanding the local dynamics and creating solutions specifically for the Indian market. Launching e-rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, Ola Micro and shared mobility solutions like Ola Share and Shuttle on its platform, are few of the recent examples in this direction. Given its 'Made for India' focus, it has a definitive advantage of innovation and hyper-local execution. Ola encourages all its employees to practice the utmost creative freedom in everything that they do, allowing for ground-breaking ideas, innovation and steady advancement. It is a constant effort that Ola's employees understand the value of being output-focussed, hardworking and passionate, and, work towards achieving the core vision of Ola, i.e., to build mobility for a billion Indians.
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