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We are a team of researchers and Engineers who love to build disruptive technologies that unlock value for our users. We are growing rapidly adding 1000+ users every 2 weeks. 4 months since our product release, we have seen traction and organic growth in our user base across universities in US (Stanford, UCB) and Europe (ETH Zurich, UCL). At the same time, we have been building an amazing team in technology and design. Some of our engineers have joined us after holding senior positions at India's leading startups such as Flipkart, Blackbuck and Grofers. Post multiple rounds of funding, our focus has been to hire individuals who can help us in our mission to build a platform that can transform Academia.Academia an evolving industry for technology innovations and it's about time we disrupt it!                                                                                            What We're Building We are transforming the way research is written. Discovering, writing and collaborating on research today is completely broken. Typeset is an integrated platform that enables authors to focus on writing their research, thereby enabling them to be effective in their research communication.Typeset lets you to write your content, perform research related actions such as citing references, adding equations etc., auto-format your content to any journal format, collaborate with co-authors, get independent feedback from reviewers, track changes and more! We have a collection of 12K+ journal and university templates that our users use to quickly re-format their content in a click. By enabling researchers to communicate their knowledge in the best possible way, we help accelerate scientific progress.In a month since launch, Typeset is now being used in 43 countries. Researchers from organizations such as NASA, CERN, ETH Zurich, Stanford etc. use Typeset to write their research.
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