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True to its name, Commutatus is an organization that believes in the power of change. We are a web and mobile app development firm founded in 2014 with its major operations in Chennai, India. In 2014, we set out to change the world with revolutionary technology, but we knew even back then that we had to first create a place that was designed to foster that technological revolution. A place where talented individuals could put their minds together and work without impediments to truly change the world for the better. We wanted to inspire younger generations to join us in our vision. Since then we have been able to grow to a core team of 25 extremely passionate individuals who constantly strive to bring that vision closer with every moving day and our platforms have seen a growth rate of 2100% in 2016 and 2017 At Commutatus, we believe in proactively engaging in the vision and perception of our partner’s products and strive to always deliver nothing but the best and this is primarily where this role fits in. What makes us awesome? The opportunity to explore and learn new things: We are a fast growing startup and we like to experiment with and implement new technologies and methodologies. This helps our employees expand their skills and give them an opportunity to g explore.The experience to be an active part of product development: We believe in teamwork. At Commutatus, it’s not just the team leader but the whole project team including developers and designers, works closely with our clients to develop an incredible product.Skills are all that matter to us: While your college degree and your work experience helps us understand your background, your skills are what excite us the most.The growth & learning from working on multiple projects simultaneously: Working on three projects simultaneously help the team members develop skills seamlessly as they learn from the diversity of products, platforms and technologies in different projects.Freedom to express yourself in a zero hierarchical work environment: While we do have team leaders, we believe in encouraging every employee to be a leader. We’d love to hear your voice, your challenge to pack a product better and welcome it if you go ahead and propose the change.A chance to be a part of an ambitious family: We work closely with each other and envision a e future with innovation in the world of Digital Products.Timeless Growth: Your growth is not bound by time, but the value you add to Commutatus.
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C1X Inc.

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C1X is a Silicon Valley-based digital advertising and marketing technology company that is building exactly what the company name suggests - A "Class One Exchange" for premium advertisers, advertising agencies and premium publishers. The digital advertising and marketing industries have faced issues such as lack of transparency, inefficient manual workflow and fragmentation. C1X is a full-stack advertising and marketing technology platform that provides the ideal set of tools and technologies in an integrated, intuitive user interface that allows for advertisers and marketers to find the audiences and premium inventory that they want to buy, transact on the platform in an efficient manner, and receive actionable insights that can be put to use immediately to increase the performance of the advertising/marketing campaign. For example, C1X provides its header tag solution which not only allows for the latest header bidding technology, but also provides proprietary C1X features that allow for other intelligent transaction methods that allow for buyers to purchase the exact audiences that they want to purchase on premium sites, and publishers to maximize their monetization through the full-stack yield maximization solution that C1X provides. C1X also provides features that are tailored specifically towards eCommerce marketplaces and merchants, with a fully-automated native eCommerce ad server suite that allows for marketplace operators to create a new, steady flow of significant advertising revenue, and for merchants to increase their revenue through data-driven promotion of their own products and services. C1X has offices worldwide including in San Jose, Omaha, New York, Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Singapore and Tokyo. Its San Jose, Bangalore and Chennai offices are focused on product development and engineering, while the rest drive business. 
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