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Payroll Management Jobs in Pune

Explore top Payroll Management Job opportunities in Pune for Top Companies & Startups. All jobs are added by verified employees who can be contacted directly below.

Recruitment Specialist

Founded 2016
Products and services
6-50 employees
Recruitment/Talent Acquisition
Human Resources (HR)
Performance Evaluation
Training and Development
Compensation & Benefits
Employee Engagement
Payroll Management
Location icon
Experience icon
3 - 7 years
Experience icon
5 - 12 lacs/annum

TechVerito is an IT Services organisation started in 2016. We offer services and solutions clustered around our key competences: Continuous Delivery & DevOps, Agile Consulting & Training, BigData, Enterprise Web Apps, Enterprise Mobile and Agile Testing Services. TechVerito has the experience to deliver carefully crafted software. The team has an excellent track record in delivering full-stack solutions in a distributed environment using technologies like Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Golang and JavaScript. At TechVerito, you will get to work in a dynamic, collaborative, non-hierarchical environment where your talent is valued and build software using the latest technologies and tools

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Job poster profile picture - Harun Pathan
Harun Pathan
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Job poster profile picture - Harun Pathan
Harun Pathan
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