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Business to Consumer (B2C) Companies/Startups in Pune

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SkillSphere Education

SkillSphere Education is a Mumbai based skill set development and knowledge enhancement organisation with a simple motto – ‘Refining skills, defining futures…’. Through a plethora of programmes, online initiatives and other endeavours, the organization’s main objectives are to develop essential life skills among individuals of all ages, increase their general and global awareness, improve public speaking and communication skills, and most importantly, assist individuals in gaining the confidence to uninhibitedly express their views and display their talents. We fulfil these objectives by conducting numerous short term and long term educational programmes in institutions and centres across India, providing online training via our website to individuals of all age groups, maintaining and continuously adding to a robust online resource base for national and international affairs, and by promoting knowledge oriented events such as quizzes, debates, and lecture series taking place across the country. We also develop holistic skill set development curriculums and conduct various other events and nationwide competitions. The organisation was founded in 2013 by Anansh Prasad, a post-graduate from an Ivy League University(Cornell, USA) and a Mumbai University gold medallist Chemical Engineering graduate. With an eclectic, motivated and talented team, SkillSphere Education has expanded to over 22 cities and positively impacted the lives of thousands of individuals over the past 4 years.
People hiring at SkillSphere Education
Jobs at SkillSphere Education
People hiring at Eventwise Technologies Private Limited
Jobs at Eventwise Technologies Private Limited
People hiring at Scandid - Your Shopping Assistant
Jobs at Scandid - Your Shopping Assistant
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