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Digital Marketer

Founded 1994
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About the role The ideal Digital Marketing Manager at Bonanza is an entrepreneurial and creative out-of-the-box thinking digital native with a get-things-done attitude, who wants to thrive in a fast-paced international environment. What separates you from other marketers is your relentless drive for running new tests and experiments on a regular basis. You love data, but even more, you actually love implementing changes based on findings from that data. You’ll have an important role to play in scaling up Bonanza’s marketing efforts across all paid channels. You will be reporting to the VP of Corporate Communications. Objectives and Responsibilities Management: This is a leadership role and the company will depend on you to lead the digital marketing efforts from the front. You will play a leading role in the management of digital projects inclusive of online strategy, online promotions, campaigns, and activities across the business’s online platforms. You will also be partly or wholly responsible for a team of marketing coordinators and digital marketing executives.  Execution: You will execute your digital plan for the organization and you will be wholly responsible for the digital consumer funnel, and run specific campaigns and automations to address users at every stage of the funnel - first point of contact, lead, conversion, retention, cross-sell. You will do this with the help of targeted performance and brand campaigns across search, display, social, email, video and other experimental ad formats.  Collaboration: This is a collaborative role and you will collaborate with the IT, product, and operations departments in an effort to optimize programs, campaigns, and landing pages, based on performance and ROI. You will build in-house marketing automation and ensure that leads are converted into consumers in close partnership with the sales department. You will work in tandem with external agencies for creatives, content and more across various channels. Strategy: You will build scalable multi-touch programs and campaigns that employ search, display, SEO, digital radio, email, and content. You will be responsible for the short term and long term paid marketing goals of the company. You will build and plan the social media presence across all products. Analytics: You must measure and report the performance of all digital marketing campaigns, identify trends and insights and optimise based on those insights. Evaluate the end-to-end customer experience across multiple consumer touchpoints.  Innovation: You have to keep up to date with all major marketing tools, evaluate emerging technologies and implement the right tools within the organisation periodically. Required Qualifications Education: Master’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Information Technology, Computer Science, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in work experience is acceptable. Experience: A suitable candidate will have had a minimum of 7 year’s working experience in building and scaling acquisition programs that target consumers as well as experience in media planning across a broad online media mix. Experience in the finance and fintech space is preferred. Analytical & Technical Skills: The candidate must have exceptional analytical skills and demonstrate fluency in the understanding of various performance metrics. Must have experience working with Google Analytics, Hubspot, SEMRush or similar tools. Communication Skills: A candidate for this position must be a strong verbal and written communicator along with being highly collaborative. The candidate must be able to communicate complex information clearly and unambiguously for other teams to understand. Adaptability and Creativity: The position requires that the candidate is highly adaptable and has the ability to learn quickly and come up with prompt solutions for marketing campaigns and programs.  Interpersonal Skills: The candidate must be highly disciplined, prioritize tasks and meet tight deadlines when working on multiple projects. The candidate must be obsessed with getting the details right, customer satisfaction and the company’s goals.  People Skills: As an added bonus, a candidate for the position will have the ability to form meaningful relationships with colleagues, collaborating personnel, senior performance management, and even consumers. We are looking for someone who takes their work seriously and someone who can pave their own way within the existing company culture.

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