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DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineer

Founded 2009
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Description We are looking for an outstanding and experienced DevOps Engineer to help us craft world class infrastructure using Amazon Web Services for our web and native app platforms. At Tickled Media we have been building solid reputation with the parenting community in South East Asia for a few years now and application quality is of critical importance for us. We're looking for someone who can innovatively provide the best scalability and rapid platforms for our products. Responsibilities An expert in deploying our server software and APIs to Amazon Web Services (EC2, ELB, S3, VPC, Elasticache, MySQL RDS, etc…) Administration of Ubuntu, Amazon Linux, and CentOS servers Responsible for programming and maintaining our web services. Will be part of an established team to support some of our existing products, develop new web applications, and support a fast growing customer base. Able to convert develop a clean and maintainable system design for our infrastructure. Work with everyone from QA to product managers and developers to fix bugs and resolve production issues in a timely manner. Design cloud architecture for projects based on Amazon Web Services infrastructure Monitor and manage security for infrastructure Requirements Min. 3 years working experience in server deployment of web operations in an Amazon Web Service environment Experience deploying web applications or server-side back-end utilising technologies such as PHP, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MySQL through EC2 instances and connectivity with MySQL RDS instances. Experienced with setting up VPCs, S3, EC2, RDS, Elasticache, ELB, Autoscaling, EBS, IAM, Cloudwatch Experienced with Jenkins and other CI/CD platforms Able to configure and manage of Apache and Nginx servers Deploy monitoring of servers via Nagios/New Relic/Cactus/other similar services Develop log management of AWS services to monitor activities and detect any intrusions Develop security assessment and protocols for servers Able to assess and provide performance testing via Apache JMeter/Locus/Loader or other similar services Great knowledge in PHP, NodeJS, MySQL and Redis/Memcache databases would be useful in helping to configure and optimize for development and production environments Comfortable to work with Linux command-line environment. Interest in developing a variety of web applications. Strong understanding of latest features and deployment best practices for web application platforms (upcoming SDKs, resource optimization, social network integration) A strong logical and analytical thinker A problem solver – Keen to explore and research for solutions Is action-oriented and with good time management Meticulous, high level of concentration and pay special attention to detail A team player yet able to work independently when required Committed, able to put in the extra hours and flexible towards work schedule

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Sonika Thakur
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Sonika Thakur
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