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Product Manager

Founded 2014
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Remote, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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4 - 8 years
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About SoStronk   SoStronk is a tight-knit team of gamers, storytellers, engineers, designers and trailblazers who are disrupting gaming and esports at scale. We have been a disruptive player in the esports platform space for over 5 years and are now positioned for meteoric growth with the backing of DreamSports.    Who you are: We’re looking for a highly motivated individual to visibly improve our product function and team: someone who is just as passionate about visualisation, data and analytics as they are in culture, their hobbies, and personal pursuits. Our ideal candidate is super creative, excited by navigating the unknown, collaborating, succeeding and building amazing, industry-leading products: someone who can work iteratively but also know when it’s time to dream big and shake things up.   3+ years of. Product management experience preferably in B2C.  Entrepreneurially minded. collaborative, highly effective communicator with strong organizational and analytical skills Your attention-to-detail is top notch. You're quick to catch pitfalls and potential issues, and aren't afraid to ask why or communicate your understanding of a situation. You ensure everyone is aligned and understands what matters and why You have excellent communication skills. You're as comfortable writing for and talking to customers as you are talking to leadership, design, engineering. You know your audiences, what's important to them, and can tailor the message so it's concise and clear. You're creative. You can dream and brainstorm and explore the opposite perspective. You're not afraid of new or different ideas.  Your focus is on customer value and experience. You recognize that we can build anything but it's figuring out the right thing to build for customers—and truly understanding their challenges and problems they face—that matters most. You have high agency. A go-getter, a creative problem solver no matter how impossible the hypothesis looks initially. You can balance the big picture with the day to day. Be able to define and manage complex process and/or product issues of a broad scope whilst still focusing on day to day product improvements.  You are data driven. Ability to validate early ideas through quantitative and qualitative methods (A/B and multivariate testing, user testing, etc) What You’ll Do:   Manage product roadmaps. Build trust among stakeholders by maintaining an accurate, legible roadmap that enables tactical prioritization decisions Domain Leader. Maintain expertise of our domain and market trends Be the customer’s voice. Represent the customer in our creation process: build on your personal customer relationships to be their champion and voice. Integrate product feedback from our user community, our field team, usability studies, market research into product requirements and the medium-term roadmap Metric Driver. Own the measures used to define success for our products, defining them at a product’s inception and tracking them throughout its lifecycle. Make measures visible to all stakeholders and interpret them into actionable conclusions and new hypotheses. Documentarian Extraordinaire. Write product requirements in the form of feature specs, vision docs, user stories, use cases, and user journeys Be the glue. Cross-functionally collaborate on building and advancing our platform and products to better serve our customers. Driving engagement and monetization strategies as part of a cross-functional team Visionary-executioner: Continually balance short-term needs against long-term potential. Monitoring key benchmarks, analytics, and experiment results every day to ensure the health of your product   Bonus Points: Experience launching a gaming or esports B2C product. Startup experience   You're also excited by the prospect of rolling up your sleeves to tackle meaningful problems each and every day. You’re a kind, passionate and collaborative problem-solver who seeks and gives candid feedback, and values the chance to make an important impact. If this sounds like you, you'll fit right in at SoStronk.

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