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Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer

Founded 2015
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Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities: · You will be involved in every part of the project lifecycle, right from identifying the business problem and proposing a solution, to data collection, cleaning, and preprocessing, to training and optimizing ML/DL models and deploying them to production. · You will often be required to design and execute proof-of-concept projects that can demonstrate business value and build confidence with CloudMoyo’s clients. · You will be involved in designing and delivering data visualizations that utilize the ML models to generate insights and intuitively deliver business value to CXOs. Desired Skill Set: · Candidates should have strong Python coding skills and be comfortable working with various ML/DL frameworks and libraries. · Hands-on skills and industry experience in one or more of the following areas is necessary: 1)      Deep Learning (CNNs/RNNs, Reinforcement Learning, VAEs/GANs) 2)      Machine Learning (Regression, Random Forests, SVMs, K-means, ensemble methods) 3)      Natural Language Processing 4)      Graph Databases (Neo4j, Apache Giraph) 5)      Azure Bot Service 6)      Azure ML Studio / Azure Cognitive Services 7)      Log Analytics with NLP/ML/DL · Previous experience with data visualization, C# or Azure Cloud platform and services will be a plus. · Candidates should have excellent communication skills and be highly technical, with the ability to discuss ideas at any level from executive to developer. · Creative problem-solving, unconventional approaches and a hacker mindset is highly desired.

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Sarabjeet Singh
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Sarabjeet Singh
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