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UX Designer

Founded 2012
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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2 - 3 years
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We’re looking for a collaborative, organized UX designer well-versed in mobile application design and the digital realm who will serve as the user advocate for the team, take ownership of the UX process, and champion user-centered design throughout the company. You must be an effective interviewer who is excited to digest and understand complex qualitative data from user interviews and user testing sessions, and have experience working closely with a Visual Designer to create flows, design wireframes, and build prototypes to explore and communicate concepts to the rest of the team.Experience Requirements1-3 years of professional UX design experienceFormal degree in a relevant field (design, HCI, psychology, etc.), immersive program experience, or equivalent job experienceFirm grasp on iOS and Android mobile design conventionsExperience working with a team on a product from concept to launchExperience conducting and presenting user research, namely user testing and interviewingA Day in the LifeA typical day as a UX designer at Cognitive might include sketching out a feature with the Visual Designer and mocking up wireframes as a means to communicate your ideas with the product team. You’ll get feedback, iterate, and conduct informal testing around the office to uncover glaring issues. From there, you’ll create a working prototype and head over to the client’s office where you have scheduled a user testing session. You’ll interview the user, place the prototype into her hands, and ask smart, unbiased questions that validate or debunk your hypotheses. You’ll share the results with your team, make recommendations for changes, work with the Visual Designer to iterate on features, and start the process over again.

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