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Google Drive Jobs

Explore top Google Drive Job opportunities for Top Companies & Startups. All jobs are added by verified employees who can be contacted directly below.

Cloud Architect

Founded 2006
Products and services
250+ employees
Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Advisory
Migration Services
Cloud Architecture
Services Architecture
Cloud Computing
Google Drive
Google Maps
Location icon
All Major Cities in India
Experience icon
6 - 13 years
Experience icon
10 - 30 lacs/annum

Searce is a Cloud, Automation & Analytics led business transformation company focused on helping futurify businesses. We help our clients become successful by helping reimagine ‘what's next’ and then enabling them to realize that ‘now’. We processify, saasify, innovify & futurify businesses by leveraging Cloud | Analytics | Automation | BPM. We welcome *really unconventional* creative thinkers who can work in an agile, flexible environment. We are a flat organization with unlimited growth opportunities, and small team sizes – wherein flexibility is a must, mistakes are encouraged, creativity is rewarded, and excitement is required.

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Job poster profile picture - Hardik Parekh
Hardik Parekh
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Job poster profile picture - Hardik Parekh
Hardik Parekh
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