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Aniket Ingle
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Rajiv Ryan
Charismatic Recruiter | Chasseur de Têtes | @RajivRyan | J'embauche pour Capgemini à IDF, RHA, Avignon et Toulouse
Jonas Prasanna
Employer Brand | Social Media Recruitment | Talent Analytics
Vatsal Raval
iOS Developer with 2.2 Years of experience in Objective C and Swift
Rajitha M
marketing specialist
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Technical Writer

Founded 1967
51-250 employees
Creative Writing
Technical Writing
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2 - 8 years

Intellicus is a Big Data BI & Analytics Product company. We simplify the exploration, analysis and visualization of big data for world's largest companies. We are the first company to innovate OLAP on Big Data. Intellicus is a provider of BI and Analytics products to Fortune 500 companies for more than a decade. It has created a footprint of over 12,000+ installations across the world and is growing. More than 60% of the Fortune 500 companies have chosen Intellicus' product over competitors because of its strong emphasis on product engineering and innovation. Skills Required: • Proven working experience in technical writing and software documentation. • Understands fundamentals of Databases, Object Oriented Programming, Big Data etc. • Hands on experience on Office tools, Adobe tools for editing and formatting documents. • Agility in understanding and thereafter describing a product’s features. • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

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Rajitha M
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Rajitha M
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