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System Administrator
System Administrator

Founded 2006
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IT System Administrator We are looking for a System and Cloud Administrator to ensure the internal IT backbone of the organization stays strong. The selected person will maintain and evolve industry-standard processes and technology to ensure physical and virtual IT infrastructure is in top order.  Experience At least 2 years of experience in managing Ubuntu Linux workstations and AWS Cloud Job Summary You will be accountable for maintaining the organisational IT infrastructure. You will investigate and analyse network issues gathering with used cases advising recommendations and refining organizational IT systems and carrying out daily configuration and installation of IT solutions and services, to ensure business continuity. On a regular basis you might be requested to help staff with basic needs. This contains setting up a new system and running backup security and passwords. You will be Implementing internal policies related to the development, internal and external usage of technological systems. Key Responsibilities Ensure all users’ workstations are in top working order Manage and maintain the office network, Firewall, VPN and all other networking equipment Maintain inventory of all hardware and software licenses. Work with Admin / Accounts for any audit matters Actively seek opportunities for efficiency improvements using automation wherever possible Look out for cost optimization opportunities in your area of work Manage own and customers’ cloud infrastructure i.e. OS upgrades, patches and implementing best practices (AWS, Digital Ocean, Google) Monitor cloud infrastructure and implement scale up / down strategies Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations Work with stakeholders to implement and improve IT governance through various organizational policies Essentials Skills Working knowledge of hardware, and networking protocols: Subnet, DHCP, DNS, Firewalls, VPN, L1 Switch. Experienced with Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, LAMP Stack, SSL Configuration. Set up and configure Ubuntu/Other Linux on desktop and laptops Experienced in Shell/Bash Scripting. Familiar with GIT, Ansible and Jenkins Common issues troubleshooting for Linux and Windows Manage Windows desktops and ensure there are no malware/virus issues Manage and maintain other Devices like IPADs/Tablets/Phones Manage the Sophos Firewall for setting up/configuring users and ensure internet q. connection works well Digital Ocean & AWS experience is MUST : RDS, EC2, VPC, Cloud Front,Security Groups, NACLs, ELB, Cloud Watch , SNS, SQS, SES, IAM, S3, Route 53 Other Skills Be able to work in an environment where there may be multiple competing priorities. Should be able to plan and prioritize. Good, proactive communication skills Qualification - BE (IT / Computers) /BTech/ME/MTech/ BCA / MCA / MCM/ BCS/MCS

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