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6-50 employeesN/A



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HR - Recruiter

Founded 2014
6-50 employees
Employee Engagement
Human Resources (HR)
Recruitment/Talent Acquisition
Location icon
Bangalore, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Experience icon
2 - 3 years
Experience icon
1 - 3 lacs/annum

We are a highly motivated and confident team of people with diverse backgrounds. Your career is big part of your life but its not your whole life. So at Sudha Habitat, we give a complete benefits package and continually think about work-life balance of our team. We appreciate that we function in a fast moving business environment with fluid and dynamic business models. Our policies and procedures are based upon the principles of Trust, Care and Empowerment.

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Job poster profile picture - Suhas R Prasad
Suhas R Prasad
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Job poster profile picture - Suhas R Prasad
Suhas R Prasad
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People hiring at Sudha Habitat

Suhas R Prasad
Sales and Marketing Director

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