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51-250 employeesN/A


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Anuradha Bharat
Manager Human Resources at Razorpay
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Data Scientist

Founded 2014
51-250 employees
Raised funding
Big Data
Data Science
Machine Learning
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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2 - 5 years

Who and what of Razorpay Razorpay is a year old gathering of folks from various walks of life. We have suave designers, magical engineers, sales hustlers, calm-as-rock customer champions and then some. Together we are trying to bring modern technology into the backbone of the internet and that's online payments. We believe that someone is doing his/her job all wrong if the customers have to tear their hair over accepting payments online. In one year we have gone from nothing to a full fledged, modern and robust online payments system. Our customers swear by our tech and UX, and we are ecstatic to see people enjoy the results of our fanatic focus on making online payments simple and accessible. We provide the smoothest payment experience that money can buy right now in India. With a marquee list of investors, cash in bank and a low burn rate, we are here for years to stay, to lead and demonstrate how online payments should be. And you are? Someone who thinks technology is the answer to life, universe and everything. You don't want to hide behind the mundanity of a corporate job, a cog in the bigger scheme that's unknown. You want to own what you do and drive it to completion, with a touch of perfection befitting your zeal for your work. You swear by version control and you bow to the church of test driven development. You love your tech and automation is your religion. Now that you know us and we know you, let's talk about the culture you can expect at Razorpay. All things culture We treat all our employees as adults, even if they are legally not one. We think that you can do your best with a freedom to experiment, sense of ownership of your work, licence to fail and when you have peers who care just as much as you about their art. We default to transparency because everyone can contribute to anything, and it's only possible if you get to know what's going on. We prefer to mingle with the community through meetups and conferences on topics as broad as daylight. And at the end of the day we accept that we are humans, fallible to error, learning through errors together. After all, there's comedy in error too. We believe in having the best tools for the job. We are happy paying customers of GitHub, Clearbit, Zendesk and Slack, some of the most important tools in our workflow. Our people select the laptops on which they think they can do their best. We also provide free books for constant learning, free VMs for side-projects, and an in-office gym to keep you at your best, always. Hey developer, what will you get to work on? As a data scientist, you will get to: Work closely with our business & product teams to identify key questions and come up with data solutions Apply statistical and econometric models on large data sets to identify impacts, predict future performance, measure results, etc. Set up our data sciences and machine learning team Design, analyse and interpret the results of experiments Work on exciting challenges to improve payments flow What do we expect from you? As a data scientist we expect you to have: 2+ years of experience working with and analysing large data sets to solve problems Understand & tackle problems around data quality, clustering, dimensionality, etc Programming - data crunching languages like R or Python would be a plus Prior experience with data-distributed tools like Scalding, Hadoop, etc A willingness to learn new technology, whatever lets you deliver the best product Apart from these, we also expect the following, but we accept that you can be an absolutely great developer without fulfilling the below. So go ahead and apply even if the following aren’t applicable: Strong knowledge of statistics & experimental design Have a few weekend side-projects up on GitHub Have contributed to an open source project Have working knowledge of multiple languages

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Job poster profile picture - Anuradha Bharat
Anuradha Bharat
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Anuradha Bharat
Anuradha Bharat
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