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LeanAgri Careers
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Jobs at LeanAgri

Farm Associate -Agronomy(Pune)
Farm Associate -Agronomy(Pune)

Founded 2016
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0 - 3 years
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Best in industry1 - 2 lacs/annum

Job Summary- We are looking for an enthusiastic and energetic individual to join as a Farm Associate. You’ll regularly meet farmers and visit their farms. You’ll also work with agronomy-technical-officers to develop advanced package of practices for crops. Responsibilities and Duties- Meeting farmers and visiting farms Interact with farmers through multiple media and solve problems Recording data about crop growth and suggesting agronomy practices Continually advance your agronomy knowledge Collaborate with senior agronomy-technical-officers to develop package of practices for crops Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications- Graduate degree in Agriculture Ability to interact with farmers in Marathi language Familiarity with modern agronomy practices especially – integrated nutrient and pest management Willingness to go through online or executive courses Benefits- National and international (online) courses in relevant field Allowance would be provided for all company related travel Opportunity to work with qualified agronomists

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Siddharth Dialani picture
Siddharth Dialani
Job posted by
Siddharth Dialani picture
Siddharth Dialani
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People hiring at LeanAgri

Kunal Grover
Hiring at LeanAgri
Siddharth Dialani
Hiring at LeanAgri
Sai Gole
Hiring at LeanAgri
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