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Jobs at Bitlens

SME – Surveillance and Physical Security

Founded 2017
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0 - 2 years
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Key Responsibilities 1. Project Support, Presales support, Solution Design and Technical consultancy. 2. Assist Business Development Teams by providing the required Technical Expertise to effectively design and conceptualize the Intelligent Video Analytics Solution aligned to Govt’s Smart City and other initiatives. 3. Responsible for Architecture & Solution for the customer requirements with optimized design and dimensioning in the areas of Intelligent Video Analytics. Added experience on Surveillance, Face Recognition System, Video Management System, CCTV would be preferred. 4. Should have relevant experience in the following domain: • Experience in Installation, Commissioning and Designing of IVA Solutions. • Design physical security solution such as IP surveillance and access control system • The person should be able to conduct in-depth site surveys to identify exact customer requirements and translate them into accurate BoQ • Knowledge of Deep Learning, CNN Models, Linux/ Windows etc is desired. • Coding experience or knowledge is also preferred. • Expected to have expert knowledge of video management and analytics platforms 5. Demonstration, Proof-of-concept etc 6. The role would entail carrying out detailed assessment of customer requirements and translating with optimum solutions, design & detailed BoQ and collaborate in response to RFI/RFP. 7. 50% travel within India. Education/ Experience / Exposure 1. BE in Electronics & Telecommunication / Instrumentation or Computer Science/Information Technology, with 0-2 years of working experience in Telecom/IT domain. 2. Having 0-2 years of experience in Telecom/IT industry, especially in the area of Intelligent Video Analytics, Surveillance, Face Detection, Video Management System, CCTV 3. Experience responding to RFP/RFI/RFQ etc. 4. Excellent oral and written communication, presentation, and analytical skills with high level of passion for technologies, solution & design with a flexible, creative approach to problem solving. 5. Excellent problem solving and programming skills; proven technical leadership and strong interpersonal communication skills 6. The ability to work under own initiative in collaborating with various stakeholders.

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Kateki Gupta picture
Kateki Gupta
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Kateki Gupta
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Kateki Gupta
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