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Socket Programming Jobs in Mumbai

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Core Developer - C++/Multithreading/TCP/IP - IIT/BITS/IIIT/NIT

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iRage is looking for a low latency developer who has experience within HFT or low latency network systems. Required Skillset: - Understands multi-threading and has decent level knowledge of multi-core architectures. - Technically proficient and hands-on in C++ with a good understanding of C++11 and C++14. - Knowledge of TCP/IP, UDP & Network topology. Passionate to debug network problems with proficiency in-network and socket programming. - Ideally should have worked on User space networking stack like Solarflare, Melanox etc. - Should be able to get hands dirty on things like ASAN, SystemTAP, tcpdump, gdb. etc. - Should love working on Linux, its kernel and optionally is be aware of Linux optimizations pertaining to low latency. - Experience of working in HFT (understands order books, strategies etc.) and keen to keep reducing latency, erasing jitter, identify and eliminate queue buildup/congestion in the system. Desired Skills : - Passionate about coding and a fast learner. - Hardware and FPGA work experience a big plus. - Has worked on Solarflare, Exablaze, etc. - Ability to work as a team player as well as an individual contributor. Benefits : We work hard. Period. :) We also value the quality of life. Our cubicle free workplace and informally clad workforce reflect this. Benefits include: - Competitive salary - Few weeks of paid vacation - Interaction and collaboration with global experts - Annual out-station offsite(s) and frequent outings - Multiple performance-based bonuses - Health insurance - A fun work environment with dedicated sports and recreation facilities. - Opportunities to learn and lead: Frequent Knowledge Sharing Sessions conducted by co-workers - Work-related and extra-curricular competitions at the office

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