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Lead Front End Engineer (React / Vue / Ember / Angular)

Founded 2010
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Remote, Mumbai
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7 - 10 years
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Seeking passionate front end software craftsmen having 7+ years of experience in React.js / Vue.js / Angular.js / Ember.js / Knockout.js / Ext.js frameworks and libraries. Must-Have Skills Excellent verbal & written communication skills Good hands-on experience with ES6 & Knowledge of the upcoming syntax of ECMAScript Experience crafting robust, maintainable code using React.js / Vue.js / Angular.js / Ember.js / Knockout.js / Ext.js frameworks and libraries Good knowledge of Frontend build tools such as Webpack, Babel, Parcel & other pre-processing tools Good understanding of NPM, Yarn & other build tools Must be comfortable with Google DevTools Experience in architecting and developing scalable and maintainable responsive web applications from scratch Deep understanding of Web Performance and Web Accessibility Proven experience in troubleshooting, investigating and solving UI performance issues Hands-on experience creating self-contained, reusable, and testable Modules and Components Good to Have Skills Huge plus if you have experience in working with state management libraries like Redux, MobX etc. in React.js Huge plus if you have an understanding of HOC, Render Props & other design patterns in React.js Knowledge of Typescript will be a plus Understanding of CSS Flexbox & CSS Grid will be highly appreciated Willingness to share knowledge in the form of open-source contribution and/or blogs Unit testing using Jest will be a plus What is it like to work at Kiprosh We're a remote-friendly and calm company We use the latest and powerful hardware for crafting software applications We strongly believe in flexible working hours and work-life balance We are heavy on extreme programming and agile methodology. Our DNA is engineering practices like TDD, CI, CD, Code reviews, Pair programming etc Our international customers consider us as strategic partners to their businesses We allocate time to work on open source projects (check: Kiprosh Github) We encourage to blog about development experience with the rest of the world. (check: Kiprosh Engineering Blogs) We organise Mumbai Ruby on Rails Meetups, Mumbai Ruby Meetups, Mumbai Javascript Meetups and Mumbai Elixir Meetups which will give you a stage & help you improve your programming skills Company-wide, we conduct monthly floor events to share the latest trends in technologies, lessons learnt in projects, engineering practices etc We celebrate small wins and not just big wins We have company-wide outings twice a year We have yearly awards ceremony and celebrations

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Yashika Mehra
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Yashika Mehra
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