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Founded 2011
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Remote, NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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0 - 2 years
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Job – Graphic Designer/Animation Designer   About Parakh Online Pvt. Ltd.   Parakh is a CMM Level 5 certified company.   We are a fast-paced organization whose idea is to bring a fundamental change in the current process of activities taking place in the assessment & education industry, we are making them relevant to the digital age by offering industry-specific technological solutions at affordable prices.   Our core team holds great corporate and entrepreneurial experience in managing online/offline examinations, multi-domain exposure.   We offer Software Services, IT Infrastructure Services, Online Assessment Services and Complete Institute Management solutions to our clients in the Education and Assessment Industry. We have developed a range of products to provide end-to-end examination related services to our clients. Our potential clients are Government Agencies, Academic Institutions and Corporates.   At Parakh, one is always getting an opportunity to learn and nurture, not just keeping yourself to one skill or domain. You ask for an opportunity and we are ready to help you learn and grow professionally.   About Role   We are looking for fresh creative minds who are interested in building real-world Graphic Design/Animation Design Experience. You love creating designs, always think to make things look better, have an inclination toward the designing tools then we will be excited to have you on-board.   You will get to learn and work on Adobe Creative Suite, Fonts, Layouts and Design Aesthetics. You will gain experience in creating artwork from concept to implementation.   Holding a Graphic Designer certification is an added advantage.   Responsibilities:   Reading scripts and storylines to understand animation requirements Create models, drawings and illustrations by hand or electronically Join images with background graphics and special effects Participate in editing process Ensure synchronization of frames and audio Develop storyboards for the initial stages of production Proficient in CGI software (Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya etc.) A creative storyteller with presentation abilities Knowledge of 2D/3D, stop motion and computer-generated animation     Skills and Knowledge: One who is all about Creativity, fonts, design Basic knowledge of layouts, colour and other design fundamentals Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite 4/5/6 - Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, other any video editing software Familiarity with any - Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Coral Draw. Fascinating portfolio of graphic design work   Perks and Benefits:   Internship Certificate. Letter of Recommendation. The skills are transferable. The skills you acquire will never be out of use. Comfortable Working Environment. Constant learning curve. You will only get better with passing time as you will be in sync with the technological changes. You can be as creative as you want. Each day you create something from nothing. The only thing that limits you will be your imagination. Professional development.   Get opportunities for professional development, to master new skills and to grow into other roles.

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Parakh Online Pvt Ltd
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Parakh Online Pvt Ltd
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