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RPA - Robotics Process Automation
Posted by Kannan Krishnan

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2 - 7 years


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Robotics Process automation

Job description

Are you in to Robotic Process Automation & Active to take on challenging position @ Hyderabad We are looking for Robotic Process Automation scripters preferably with Win Automation experience. Please source someone with the RPA experience. An Associate well-versed with Automation & Scripting Knowledge along with Testing experience 1. Create, Test and validate Automation scripts 2. Participate in Solution Design and provide Automation Design 3. Collaborate with Ops SME for creation of the scripts, define validation criteria 4. Adhere to Automation Good Practices - review and provide suggestions to update the same 5. Provide Implementation and Post production Support for scripts live on Production 6. Peer review of scripting done by fellow automation engineers Can be reached at kannank@newtglobal.com or +91 9894392393

About Newt Global India Pvt Ltd

Founded in 2009, Newt Global India Pvt Ltd is a profitable company based in Chennai. It has 51-250 employees currently and works in the domain of IT Consultancy.






51-250 employees


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Pooja Aggarwal
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Pooja Aggarwal
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