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Products & ServicesN/A


51-250 employeesN/A



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technical support

Founded 2009
Products and services
51-250 employees
Technical support
technical support engineer
Tech Support
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Bangalore, Chennai, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Experience icon
0 - 1 years
Experience icon
0 - 2 lacs/annum

We are having an opening for Technical support engineer: Requirement: Good experience in technical support. Good communication skill. Voice process. Rotational shift (including night shifts). Intro about YML: We're a company headquartered in San Francisco bay area (US) and also have a offices & employees in Bangalore and Europe. We work with fortune 500 companies directly to develop their mobile products and also have our own suite of mobile products. Apps developed by us have ranked in the top spot on the app store. One of the apps "Intro to Letters" was handpicked by "Steve Jobs" and featured in an Apple prime time commercial. We have a strong Technical and Management team having experience working at eBay, Google, Yahoo, Dell with Strong educational background from IIT, Stanford, Georgia, Purdue University. For more information you may check out our website at http://www.ymedialabs.com Y Media Labs Domlur Diamond Destrict

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Job poster profile picture - Onyx Lakra
Onyx Lakra
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Onyx Lakra
Onyx Lakra
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People hiring at Y Media Labs

Abhishek Chatterjee
CutShort User
Onyx Lakra
Technical Recruiter at Y Media Labs
Abhishek Chatterjee
Lead TA, Y Media Labs

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