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6-50 employeesN/A


Raised fundingN/A

About Niki.ai


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Natural Language Processing Engineer

Founded 2015
6-50 employees
Raised funding
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
text mining
data regression
Location icon
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Experience icon
2 - 7 years
Experience icon
10 - 30 lacs/annum

Niki is an artificially intelligent ordering application (niki.ai/app). Our founding team is from IIT Kharagpur, and we are looking for a Natural Language Processing Engineer to join our engineering team. The ideal candidate will have industry experience solving language-related problems using statistical methods on vast quantities of data available from Indian mobile consumers and elsewhere. Major responsibilities would be: 1. Create language models from text data. These language models draw heavily from statistical, deep learning as well as rule based research in recent times around building taggers, parsers, knowledge graph based dictionaries etc. 2. Develop highly scalable classifiers and tools leveraging machine learning, data regression, and rules based models 3. Work closely with product teams to implement algorithms that power user and developer-facing products We work mostly in Java and Python and object oriented concepts are a must to fit in the team. Basic eligibility criteria are: 1. Graduate/Post-Graduate/M.S./Ph.D in Computer Science/Mathematics/Machine Learning/NLP or allied fields. 2. Industry experience of 2-7 years. 3. Strong background in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning 4. Have some experience in leading a team big or small. 5. Experience with Hadoop/Hbase/Pig or MaprReduce/Sawzall/Bigtable is a plus Please share your resume to careers@niki.ai

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Job poster profile picture - Srinivas G
Srinivas G
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Srinivas G
Srinivas G
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People hiring at Niki.ai

Shishir Modi
Co-Founder at Niki.ai
Srinivas G
Manager - HR and Admin at niki.ai
Shishir Modi
Hiring at Niki.ai

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