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Astro INC. Careers
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People hiring at Astro INC.

Omkar Thatte
Hiring at Astro INC.
Vishwesh Jirgale
Hiring at Astro INC.
Ninad Pundalik
Hiring at Astro INC.

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6-50 employees
About the company
{{"<p>GingerMind.ai is a multiple-award-winning​ startup co-founded by an IIT and a VIT alumnus. Eye-D is one of the flagship product of the company aimed to improve the quality of life of visually impaired using artificial intelligence, used by users in 160+ countries. Gingermind.ai has products under Eye-D line in both hardware and software.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Eye-D Smartglasses, which an artificial intelligence based wearable, recently piloted in Barcelona. Eye-D line of products aim to help the visually impaired with the best emerging and mainstream tech available. Project Eye-D is supported by the government of Karnataka, USAID, UK Government, the Government of Spain and many leading corporates and organizations.<br /><br /><br />Here is why you should apply:<br /><br />1. GingerMind.ai is an early-stage startup of 10, including interns. So you will have a lot of scope to experiment. We are hiring for 5+ different roles, so you will have a lot of room to expand.<br />2. When you join the company, the first salary of a new joinee at any role is decided by all full-time members of team (3 founders, 4 full timers). Once you join, you will decide your own salary! Apart from annual hike cycle, you can get a hike every month. All you need is pitch to team and pitch a number! It's ok if it sounds unbelievable :) <br />3. We are looking to tap in US and Europe markets. Barcelona pilot was a first last year. There is a lot of scope for onsite travel, you will decide that based on product trajectory.<br />4. GingerMind.ai is awarded Emerge50 awards by NASSCOM in November, 2019, including it in league of Top 50 emerging startups of 2019-2020 across India. You can contribute in our journey to Top 10 in 2020!<br />5. We have team of people who trust each other, support each other, took voluntary salary cuts upto 60% during COVID-19 and STILL THINKING what more we can do remotely to assist the disabled through our product. You will love the way we love each other!</p> <p>6. We play poker every wednesday ;)<br /><br /><br /></p>" | htmlToPlaintext}}
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