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Cyware Labs

Cyware Labs is a product-based cybersecurity provider headquartered at New York, USA. Our pioneering solutions enable organizations to develop proactive cyber defense capabilities, effectively exchange strategic, tactical, and operational threat intelligence, and quickly respond to and manage security threats in real-time. Our mission is to revolutionize and simplify the security fabric to give truly integrated and intuitive solutions that provide a broad array of intel sharing, analytical and threat response functions across various platforms and mobile devices. Our unique products combine core facets of next-generation Security Operations Center (SOC) such as situational awareness, information sharing, cyber threat intelligence exchange, data fusion and threat response to give our clients needed visibility and control, and advanced defensive capabilities, with exceptional performance while helping them in transitioning to a truly next-gen SOC. Cyware solutions leverage advanced breakthroughs in machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to constantly challenge the security status quo and catalyze a growing ecosystem of empowered enterprises against the evolving threat landscape. Our clients include Fortune 500 financial, healthcare and defense organizations, multinational retail corporations, trade associations, industry groups (including ISACs and ISAOs), non-profits and government agencies.
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