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Ather Energy

Raised funding
Ather is hardware start-up based out of Bangalore, building India’s first smart electric scooter, the Ather S340. Designed in-house and built ground-up, the S340 is a high performance electric scooter powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, has a touchscreen dashboard and a host of smart features.Ather is backed by Flipkart founders Sachin & Binny Bansal, Tiger Global and recently raised a Series B funding of Rs. 205 Cr from Hero MotoCorp.Multiple prototypes of the S340 are currently being tested across various parameters and should be hitting manufacturing next year. The overall strength of the company is 150 comprising majorly engineers. Ather hires all through the year for various positions across the company.  What is the work culture like?   It’s unique to Ather. That’s how we would like to put it. We are a bunch of engineers, designers, analysts, scientists, technicians, marketers and managers who are curious and love to build products. We have processes, practices & policies but for those who love to build things from scratch and fix what’s broken it’s an open playground.    What do we look for in people?  Obviously we look for the cliched stuff - passion and those sort of stuff. However we think it makes sense for us, and definitely for you, for us to throw some light on what we mean by these terms.  Passion: translated to crazy obsession to your work -  We look out for people who are crazily passionate about work. Be it an engineer, designer, marketeer or the in-house cook who we will hire in the near future. If you love what you do it’s not a job anymore. And when it’s not a job, you pour your heart into it, own what you are building indirectly acquiring freedom to call your own shots to make things better and obviously be what they call self-motivated.  Let’s be honest. Work is tough and demanding. We like to talk to people who understand their responsibilities, can deliver and don’t need a wake up call every alternate week. This one is non-negotiable.  Intelligence translated to domain knowledge/technical capability. We are building the S340 from a scratch. A lot of things at a sub-system level are stuff most people wouldn’t have worked on for years. That’s okay. But what we do not compromise is exemplary academic record, cognitive ability, deep domain knowledge and relevant experience if any.  Skill: It’s a given that every individual come in with a different level of skill sets. But if you are check for 1 & 2 and have a basic skill for the role you are assigned to it, we are absolutely comfortable. We believe if the person is in love with the work and is intelligent they can upskill quite rapidly.  Anything else? If it’s on the product write to info@atherenergy.com. If it’s a specific query on work, shoot to jobs@atherenergy.com
People hiring at Ather Energy
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