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LoopBack Framework Jobs in Bangalore (Bengaluru)

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Full Stack Engineer

Founded 2015
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via Unnati
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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2 - 7 years
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If you are interested in joining a purpose-driven community that is dedicated to creating ambitious and inclusive workplaces, then be a part of a high growth startup with a world class team, building a revolutionary product!Our client is a vertical fintech play focused on solving industry-specific financing gaps in the food sector through the application of data. The platform provides skin-in-the-game growth capital to much-loved F&B brands. Founded in 2019, they're VC funded and based out of Singapore and India-Bangalore.Founders are the alumnus of IIT-D, IIM-B and Wharton. They have 12+ years of experience as Venture capital and corporate entrepreneurship at DFJ, Vertex, InMobi, VP at Snyder UAE, investment banking at Unitus Capital - leading the financial services practice, and institutional equities at Kotak. They've a team of high-quality professionals coming together for this mission to disrupt the convention.As a Full Stack Engineer, you will be working with your team and Product Manager to refine and develop the product direction and implementation.What you will do: Writing great quality, scalable, maintainable code. Working knowledge of Javascript, Typescript, Python, NodeJS. Having experience in Frontend technologies - ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Microservices: docker, Kubernetes. Having exposure to client-server architecture, Babel, eslint, git, OOP concepts, including design patterns. Being proficient in data modeling in RDBMS (MySQL, Postgresql) and NoSQL (Mongodb, Dynamodb, documentdb) databases. Understanding of REST API, GraphQL, CQRS, Event-driven messaging, streaming services (kafka). Having used TDD frameworks mocha, chai, jest etc, knowledge of AWS (Lambda, RDS, EC2, SQS, S3, ECS, etc). Having hands-on experience with serverless. Familiarity with frameworks such as ExpressJs, Loopback, NestJs. Deploying, monitoring, maintaining and fixing products in production. Communicating well with business and relevant stakeholders Participating in design discussions, documentation, and development with the team as needed. Working closely with the product manager for deliverables and milestones identification. Reporting to technical lead/manager on daily activities planned, expected deliverables, and reports as defined for the project. Participating in requirement gatherings as required.   Candidate Profile: What you need to have: Having 3-4 years experience in full stack development with at least 2 years as a developer and 2 years in a back end role. Experience with start ups and have an understand of the fast-paced and dynamic nature of work. Relevant software development experience with consumer products with hands-on experience in designing, developing, testing and deploying applications for largescale applications. Experience troubleshooting server performance - memory issues, resource leaks, etc. Paying attention to details excellent communication skills. Being organized, self-sufficient, interested in learning and growth.

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Sarika Tamhane
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Sarika Tamhane
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