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Jobs at Shoonya

Android Frameworks Engineer
at Shoonyaat Shoonya

Founded 2017
Products and services{{j_company_types[1 - 1]}}
20-100 employees
{{j_company_stages[2 - 1]}}
{{rendered_skills_map[skill] || skill}}
Location icon
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Experience icon
2 - 7 years
Salary icon
Best in industry{{renderSalaryString({min: 2000000, max: 3000000, duration: "undefined", currency: "INR", equity: false})}}

Shoonya is an inventive startup that building an innovative technology to secure and manage enterprise devices. At Shoonya we believe that people should interact with devices that are highly secure. We envision a world where things like theft of credit card information, personal data, or intellectual property resulting from compromised devices are a thing of the past. We believe in challenging the current ecosystem of insecure devices that we so frequently encounter in our lives. We have offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Bangalore, and Shenzen. The Role As a Software Development Engineer – Android, you will be part of a team that owns critical OS framework components, working on projects that push the boundaries of device-cloud interaction. You will engage with an experienced cross-disciplinary staff to conceive and design an innovative way to secure and manage Android-based devices. You must be responsive, flexible and able to succeed within an open collaborative peer environment. You will take the lead in designing solutions to hard problems in the Android and Shoonya ecosystem. You will work closely with the Cloud and Front-End team to drive the development from the concept stage to the launch stage. Key Responsibilities As a member of the Android team, your role will be to make Shoonya OS the most secure and manageable OS in the industry. Own key components within our platform. "Owning" means envisioning, designing, creating, building, and supporting. Partner with product management to imagine, design, develop, test, and launch software that invigorates our community and inspires our peers. Solve problems which are not clearly defined and have a large degree of ambiguity while translating our organizational vision into functional plans that guide their execution. Support our developers. "Support" means be the go-to-person for questions but never a bottleneck. See around the corner and anticipate developers' needs. Mentor and grow developers by cultivating curiosity and deep technical understanding. Basic Qualifications BA/BS degree in Computer Science, related field or equivalent practical experience 3+ years of professional software development experience. Strong C/C++ & Java skills and experience writing SDK (or Java libraries). Experience building Android-based devices, working in native and framework layer. Preferred Qualification Prior success as a software engineer, subject matter expert, and strategic influence on the direction of the product design and development Outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively across teams & multiple division stakeholders Great communication skills - the ability to think creatively and adapt the message to the audience. Can provide information to technical and non-technical stakeholders alike and guide them to confidently informed decisions. Working knowledge of modern best practices: dependency injection, operations/promises, and modular development Competency in automation, enthusiasm for continuous integration/deployment Location Indiranagar, Bangalore

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Lavita Mascarenhas picture
Lavita Mascarenhas
Job posted by
Lavita Mascarenhas picture
Lavita Mascarenhas
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People hiring at Shoonya

Lavita Mascarenhas
Hiring at Shoonya
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