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Digital Marketer

Founded 2015
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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5 - 10 years
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SENIORWORLD.COM http://www.seniorworld.com "People don't grow old. When they stop growing, they become old." While growth, advancement and learning are terms typically associated with childhood and youth, old age has been traditionally defined by consolidation, passiveness and health management. However, data on India's population growth speaks a different story. India's fastest growing segment is neither children nor youth, but seniors - which is growing at double the growth rate of the Indian population. Seniors' lives are getting re-shaped like never before. We are all living longer. More and more Indians are living well into their 80's & 90's and today, there are more than 6 lakh Indians over the age of 100. Families are increasingly going nuclear and staying apart; technology and the internet are opening new worlds and helping people connect. Various positive ageing researches are demonstrating how simple lifestyle habits such as regular exercise, having hobbies, staying in touch with friends and laughing easily, go a long way in promoting overall well-being. In addition, encouraging families, global exposure, and evolving aspirations are driving a change from a passive retired life to a more active and engaged lifestyle. More and more seniors are keen to explore new things, fulfill old passions, travel, contribute to society and stay active. While aspirations and attitudes are changing, there are challenges of availability of senior specific products and services. Seniors also face a sense of anxiety about whether they are equipped adequately - technologically, financially or psychologically - to make the most of the available opportunities. SeniorWorld was inspired by Seniors who wish to redefine the retired person stereotype and live their life to the fullest. Our vision is to enable India's Seniors to lead more active, engaged, independent and fulfilling lives. We plan to achieve this by providing content, products, services and engagement avenues that impact the lives of our seniors and their families positively. We invite you to come, participate and help shape this journey. Welcome to SeniorWorld. Get more from life. Senior World is looking for a Head - Digital Marketing who will be a key member of the Growth team. The person will lead the strategy development and delivery of digital marketing campaigns across various channels. The person will be responsible for looking after end to end Digital marketing Strategy. Responsibilities : - Experiment driven approach - Design and drive campaigns defining hypothesis, executing, analyzing and systemizing them. - Focus on customer funnel driving acquisition, activation, retention and monetization. - Strong analytical capability to figure out problem statements and plug the leakage in user funnels. - Find new BTL customer acquisition channels optimized in accordance with the product CAC requirements. - Connect with customers sending right messages at right time via Push, SMS, Email and other media. - Manage the brand presence via social media and other outlets. Candidate's Profile : - Preferred to have worked in a startup and understands its challenges - Has been a part of brand building projects & campaigns - Expert in Digital marketing and Online Marketing - Excellent connect with vendors and suppliers which can be leveraged while building brands - Desire to create new products - Passionate about customer experience - Ability to understand consumer and create product accordingly - Highly interactive and outgoing person - Business Acumen to be high - Process Orientation and zero defect approach - Interpersonal skills should be very good and - Good Team player - Ready to learn new things and enjoys innovating - Excellent in written and verbal communication (English)

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MP Deepu
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MP Deepu
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