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Vinod Reddy
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Ruby on Rails Developer

Founded 2015
Products and services
6-50 employees
Ruby on Rails (ROR)
Material Design
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Mumbai, Navi Mumbai
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1 - 15 years

Who are we? We are a bunch of techies set out to solve the complex and inefficient logistics segment for the world. The core team is dominantly IIT Bombay alumni and is passionate about solving the problem. We boast of our small but efficient team and our achievements till date are more than a validation for that. We are currently operating from Chandivali, Powai. We are operational in 4 major cities - Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. What do we do? Rocketbox is primarily a tech hub. We believe technology is the most vital element in solving problems at scale. Logistics is a 200 billion dollar market in India alone and comprises about 14% of the national GDP. Its obvious from the numbers that it is seemingly complex and gigantic in scale. We started with the small segment of intra city goods movements which concerns with last mile delivery of products for manufacturing and ecommerce companies. One of the major problems with the segment is it’s highly fragmented and most vendors cannot provide the service required for a company individually. A major result of the fragmentation is that any value added services are not possible. We leverage technology to solve this problem by providing a simple intuitive interface for the end user to manage (demand or terminate) vehicles, track their consignments, check their usage and invoices. We strive to remove human involvement wherever possible. This simplicity amounts to building a complex technical infrastructure in the backend. This is only our first step into logistics and we aspire to move into other segments which are even more complex and unique, which require complex engineering to solve them Technical Overview We are primarily a rails shop (part nodejs) with postgres/postgis, mongodb and redis at database layer and leverage AWS via chef for infrastructure. We value and follow agile methodologies like scrum, code reviews, extensive test suite, continuous integration, frequent deployments. We strive to follow best coding practices but are also open to change if someone comes up with an idea applicable to our use case. Who are we looking for? We are primarily looking for a full stack web developer who has experience in Ruby on Rails backend and HTML/CSS, Jquery frontend stack. We expect the candidate to have following technical requirements 1. Should have atleast 3 years experience in developing web applications using Ruby On Rails 2. Should have proficient knowledge in Rspec testing framework. 3. Should be able to implement automated testing platforms and unit tests 4. Should be familiar with bundler, rake 5. Should have working experience in Postgres and MongoDb 6. Should have working experience in designing and developing UI using javascript/Jquery, Html and CSS 7. Should have working experience in deploying and maintaining servers on AWS using chef 8. Should have good knowledge of Linux operating system 9. Should have good understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application 10. Good understanding of Git. Knowledge of Circle Ci will be a plus 11. Working experience in Android will be a big plus 12. Working experience with agile methodologies will be a plus If that’s you, your responsibilities will be 1. Design and develop overall architecture of the web application 2. Implementation of a robust set of services and APIs to power the web application. 3. Develop modular, readable, reusable code and unit-tested code and components 4. Working closely with the Product/Ops team to get the product specification and converting it to a tech specification 5. Management of hosting environment, including database administration and scaling an application to support load changes 6. Ensure quality of the deliverable and adoption of development best practices and methodologies. Review code of other developers in the team. 7. Creation of database schemas that represent and support business processes along with data migrations, transformations and scripting required 8. Implement automated unit tests and integration tests 9. Design and develop UI/UX elements for frontend. Also transform complex wireframes into the visual elements 10. Monitoring web application for bugs and implementing fixes quickly What you can expect from us 1. Compensation on par with best in the Industry 2. Equity/ESOPs 3. Fun-loving, motivated coworkers who you would love working with 4. An environment where you are encouraged to question, experiment, take risk and push the envelope. 5. Opportunity and resources to do your best work and pursue your dreams Please apply along with a latest resume and a link to your project portfolio or github profile if you would like to discuss this role further. You can still apply if you don’t satisfy some of the requirements but understand that it is going to be a very challenging role. We prefer candidates who can join us immediately or ones with short notice period. Work Location : Powai, Mumbai Compensation : Best in the Industry + ESOPs Contact : talent@rocketbox.in Thank you Team Rocketbox

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Job poster profile picture - Vinod Reddy
Vinod Reddy
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Vinod Reddy
Vinod Reddy
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