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Kinnar Shah
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Javascript Developer

Founded 2014
6-50 employees
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About PlexusMD We are an Ahmedabad based stable startup in the healthcare networking space. Over the last 2.5 years since we launched our website and app, we have measured the user activity and looked at user behaviours closely to improve the product and offering. In this period we on-boarded 70,000 doctors on PlexusMD and they have spent 50,000+ hours reading the latest news, connecting with peers and discussing cases. They purchased 6,500+ conferences/courses tickets and made 7,500 applications to 500 hospitals through PlexusMD in this period. More than 50% of our users (over 40,000 doctors) have filled up their profiles with information about their education/workplace, profile picture or interest areas. Over the next 5 years, we aim to become the world's number 1 professional doctor network. On the product side, we intend to focus on the following areas in the coming 6-12 months: better algorithms, use of machine learning to improve user experience, newer products and features to drive engagement, security and scalability. Team Rohan (MBBS and MBA from IIMA, 5 years in Management Consulting with focus on healthcare), Binal (MBBS, MBA from IIMK, 1.5 years in GSK) and Kinnar (BE Comp. Sci, MBA from SPJIMR Mumbai, ex-Sales at Britannia and Product and Marketing at Allevents.in) founded PlexusMD in August 2014. Rohan leads the Careers team and runs Product, Binal looks at User acquisition and Engagement and Kinnar leads Tech. We are now a team of 15 and have recently hired from IIMA and IIMI. Media ​​TOI​​ bit.ly/​TOI22Jan • ​ET bit.ly/ET15May • BS bit.ly/BS23Mar • DNA bit.ly/DNA19May • YS bit.ly/YS20Mar

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Kinnar Shah
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Job poster profile picture - Kinnar Shah
Kinnar Shah
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