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UI Developer

Founded 2000
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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5 - 9 years
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Best in industry10 - 18 lacs/annum

The Senior UI Developer Role The key to great software products is a great user experience. At BrandMuscle, we recognize that creating a great user experience involves three parts: UX design, visual design and developers with a UX mindset. We’re seeking a stand-out UI development expert to add to our group. The right person will be a skilled developer passionate about creating superior product experiences. Your ability to bring well-crafted designs to life with scalable and efficient code will be applied to the development of first-class platforms and applications that are leading in the marketing software space. The Senior UI Developer will play an important role in our team that is re-envisioning the design and experience of our digital products. As a member of our design and technology group, you will help shape the team’s culture, contribute to our methodologies, build industry-leading products and evolve our design system. Responsibilities: • Establish the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs • Translate design mock-ups into pixel-perfect front-end code • Develop new user-facing features • Write smart, scalable, and maintainable CSS • Create proof of concepts and prototypes • Contribute to projects from initial ideas through to delivery and implementation of final assets • Optimize code / applications for maximum speed and scalability • Build reusable code and libraries for future use • Contribute to BrandMuscle’s design system and enable use of that system by developers across offices and counties • Ensure user interface complies with accessibility standards and guidelines • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders for project delivery Qualifications: • Four or more years of experience as a UI developer • Complete familiarity with core user interface technologies: HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript • Demonstrated experience with one or more UI frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation and one or more JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React • Working knowledge of source control tools like Git • Familiarity with CSS design methodologies (e.g. BEM) • Understanding and experience with implementation and compliance with WCAG standards • Demonstrated success collaborating with visual and user experience designers, developers and product owners in defining and delivering digital experiences especially with complex web-based applications • Experience working in a product development environment • Experience with REST applications and CSS pre-processors (SASS) an added plus • Experience working across teams to integrate feedback and input from diverse stakeholders (product managers, engineers and clients) • Strong communication and presentation skills

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Nayanshree Jain picture
Nayanshree Jain
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Nayanshree Jain
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Nayanshree Jain
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