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Arnav Mahajan asked a question
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-11-07T18:57:09.609Z", {without_time: true})}}

What are the challenges faced by the Drift and Intercom users in India?

We are trying to fill in the market gap left by the chat bots like drift and intercom via a new chat product at Freshworks. To help us make something really awesome, I want to know the problems faced by the intercom and drift users.

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1 answer
Priyank Agrawal Learning Growth @ CutShort
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-11-08T10:03:02.448Z", {without_time: true})}}
Been using Intercom for a while:
  • Only allows 120 unique events to be sent (throws error for others). If my product is diverse enough or i have more than 1 offerings 120 is low number (which acc to their team is a hard limit, cannot be changed on account basis.). They do talk of jargon "Personalised Marketing" but stop you from doing that right away!
  • Testing Engage. For a superior product experience we use Intercom Engage, to send automated message to user as they progress through there onboarding. They do have a test-app feature where you can change or create message (in test-app) which are reflected in test accounts/server/domain but they dont have a process to move/copy it to production app.
  • Pricing is not fair to sliding window products- Since we have a sliding window product (users use the product and go away for 9-10 months and then come back later). We end us paying for those user during inactive 9-10 months period, which is a waste.
Hope freshworks build a better product :)
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Arnav Mahajan Marketer
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2018-07-08T16:17:53.614Z", {without_time: true})}}
Hey Priyank, yes we have taken care of all these pain points @freshworks, Freshchat takes care of all these problems and is much better priced and suited for smaller teams like yours. Have a look at it, you will surely find much more value than intercom. If you find any problem with the product, I will be happy to take your feedback and feed it to the product teams :)
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