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Vaibhav Sharma asked a question
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-12-09T12:23:11.670Z", {without_time: true})}}

Is it better to deploy app in multiple phases or should we deploy all features at once? While releasing app for the first time

Hello everyone,

I am creating an android application and most of the features of the application has been completed. But when i completed one feature i got some others functionalities in my mind which i can deliver. So my question is what should be the best way while launching your app for the first time. Should i deliver all the functionalities at once or should i keep some functuionalities for the next release. I am also aware with the fact that giving more functionalities also increases the development time (when you are working alone).

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4 answers
Nikunj Verma Driving growth at CutShort
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-12-11T03:34:13.422Z", {without_time: true})}}
Hi Vaibhav,

I'd highly recommend understading "lean methodology". You can refer to this page: https://leanstack.com/running-lean-book

Couple quick points I'd like to make:

  1. Don't worry about someone stealing your ideas. People significantly devalue other people's ideas and even if they find them good, are too busy to work on them. Most likely you yourself will change it in next 3-6 months. :)
  2. Optimize everything for learning. The first thing you want to test is whether there are enough users who have a problem you're trying to solve. Release just the minimal landing page, app store page and the actual 1 or 2 features to solve 1 problem. Adding more features comes only later when you are past this stage. 

All the best!
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Abdul Mateen Curious about Marketing & Growth
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-12-10T07:17:25.823Z", {without_time: true})}}

Hey Vaibhav Sharma,


First of all I would like to wish you all the very best for your project.


I suggest you release the app first if the new features you have come up with are add-ons that serve value even if they're of business value but not business needs.

but hey! you could mention the upcoming features in your product website, though this is debatable sometimes that someone might copy your idea and try to work on that quickly, if this new feature would be a game changer then do a covert operation :) I'll leave this decision up to you.

If any new feature you've come up with during the first release development cycle is of a business need then please try to add it to the delivery.

I've some references for you to follow, please try to check them (just google it) it will help you,
1. To release a first version please read 'minimum vaible product (MVP)'
2. Prioritization technique: 'Moscow method'



Abdul Mateen

Abdul Mateen Curious about Marketing & Growth
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-12-10T12:16:35.310Z", {without_time: true})}}
Vaibhav, I recommend you to list down the feature if it is released to the market and make good promotions that stand out!, if a feature isn't released yet you can list it in general manner if you want to list an upcoming feature. As per the competition thing, you will have to keep innovating, keep revolutionizing and keep moving forward. Slack lists its features in this way https://slack.com/features, as we know Microsoft Teams is similar to Slack, you can get inspired from Slack, check it out once. You can generalize the way you list out the features sometimes. One way of doing this is to not exactly let out the details, you can say your app solves this problem without saying how. Let's take example of Slack, we can say it will solve problems of collaborating in workplace through its features of collaboration & services. A tip on promotion videos: don't make animation videos that say 'it offers this & that' and 'it solves this & that' instead show real usage & demonstration of the app using situations, scenarios and people for real!
Vaibhav Sharma consultant | Member
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-12-10T08:03:55.287Z", {without_time: true})}}
Hi Abdul, First of all thanks for your answer. Your explanation is quite clear and you have explained everything in a very clear and simple manner. I am also not interested to list down the features on my app landing page . I am also understanding the risk that someone can try to steal the idea. One more thing i wanted to ask . When we do promotions and we list down what we are offering in our app landing page. Then there are chances that someone can copy your idea? I wanted to know how to tackle this problem. Because if i will not introduce what this app belongs to or what it is offering then there are chances that people will not download the app ,as they will not understand why this app has been made for?
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