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Vaibhav Sharma asked a question
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-10-20T14:47:32.773Z", {without_time: true})}}

Best time for product marketing or promotion

I am developing a product basically an android app. Most of the part of the application has been completed . I have a small doubt regarding marketing. The doubt is should i start marketing or promotion of my app after completing the app or should i start the promotion along with the development. 

And what is the best way to reach out the customers or users . My app is for everyone  so threre is no specific area i am focusing. It is for all people.I have created a landing page of app and soon going to host the website. Apart from this what are the other ways to reach out maximum no of users. 

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7 answers
Mansha Chuttani Marketing & Growth excites me
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-10-23T04:46:03.603Z", {without_time: true})}}
Hi Vaibhav,
I believe that your app would be able to engage user with its current feature. If so, then i think you should start marketing. If its for all, then FB promotions would be a good option to reach out users. Also, if you are able to buy email DB from somewhere like justdial, shine, naukari etc, then you can send mailers as well. Also, to create a brand appearance, its better to have basic website up and running and also try to get some blog posts for your app. If people see brand name here n there on the internet then they intend to trust the app more. So, the promotional activity should be full fledged in all vertices. All the very best for your launch.
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Rahul Wandile Marketing & Growth ethusiast
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-10-21T08:05:48.353Z", {without_time: true})}}
Hello Viabhav,

Everyone who has developed or developing product has this question. My experience says that it s always better to start promoting your product and not to wait for it's completion. This time will give you a chance to learn marketing tricks that work, create awareness and buzz around your product and get early adaptors to your product when launched. You can also ask for suggestions from the community which will further improve your product.

I hope this is useful for you!
Vaibhav Sharma consultant | Member
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-10-21T13:34:37.931Z", {without_time: true})}}
Hi, Your answer was quite helpful. Thanks
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