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Tejas Chitnis asked a question
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-11-02T07:35:34.713Z", {without_time: true})}}

Sales and Marketing Automation: What is the best CRM out there for SAAS companies?

I personally use Zoho CRM and I am not a big fan of it. I am thinking of moving to Agile CRM or Base CRM, but still confused.

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3 answers
Akshaya Dhandapani Marketing & Growth excites me
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-11-03T10:58:01.354Z", {without_time: true})}}
Hey Tejas,
I am from Zoho CRM team.
I would be glad if you could please let us know your concern and we will help you with it.
Nikunj Verma Driving growth at CutShort
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-11-03T11:23:42.539Z", {without_time: true})}}
Hi Akshaya, I recently tried Zoho, Freshsales & AgileCRM too. Some problems that I faced with Zoho: 1. No email drips. Need to use Zoho Campaigns for that. That product looks too much from 90s. 2. SalesIQ looked cool but is geared as a replacement of a sign up form. More customization options such as asking for email after an automated initial dialog with the prospect would be better 3. Workflow automation is too basic. Can't add timers to do things more flexibly like AgileCRM.
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Arnav Mahajan Marketer
{{::getFormatedLocalTime("2017-11-03T06:43:15.549Z", {without_time: true})}}

Hey, I have not used Agile or Base CRM's but you can surely try Freshsales.io ; the best thing I find in it is that it includes all the channels in the CRM software and you don't need to integrate phone or e-mail or anything. Also, you get the context of the leads from their previous online(autmatically get this) and offline(manual input needed) activity. I am using this and find it pretty simple to use and its basic plan is free. 

You can have a look at it :


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